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Discover how SAP offers SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute to track and orchestrate data that will be used for billing and by other business systems

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SAP Convergent
Mediation by DigitalRoute

SAP Convergent Mediation is a purpose-built solution built on DigitalRoute MediationZone™ and seamlessly integrated into the SAP ecosystem.

Its core functionality is to capture, process, and enrich high-volume data streams from diverse sources.

This enriched data is then orchestrated and fed into SAP's solutions for Quote-to-Cash management for accurate usage-based charging and revenue recognition.

On-premise or cloud deployment.

Unifing real-time data processing for revenue-critical applications.

Automating error detection, data deduplication, and filtering.

Data enrichment by combining information of any type or source.

DigitalRoute is an SAP Solution Extension partner specifically chosen to extend SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management solutions by offering exceptional data collection, data orchestration and data quality capabilities.

These solutions have undergone a premium qualification process, exclusive to SAP Solution Extensions and are supported with available SAP support services.

Key benefits

Introduce new business models quickly

Convert usage and transactional data into revenue and support new business models alongside existing ones in your financial systems.

Provide visibility into revenue stream processing

Enable data collection from multiple streams and sources and provide unified control and visibility of revenue stream processes.

Reduce revenue loss and revenue leakage

Prepare data properly to prevent revenue leakage, expedite customer billing processes, and provide accurate data in a timely manner.


SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute is a purpose-built data collection and quality solution specifically designed to be used for Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) Management.

Support business model efficiency
  • Connects siloed systems and data.
  • Translates native data feeds for business systems.
  • Identifies errors and inconsistencies and eliminates the need for multiple integration applications.
  • Limits slowdowns caused by inflexible partners, vendors, and systems and eliminates revenue leakage.
Monetize digital offerings
  • Streamlines data collection processes.
  • Provides consistent data for consolidated billing processes.
  • Leverages purpose-built functionality that helps address the issues that typically create revenue leakage.
  • Scales to support the massive data sets generated daily by a digitally enabled business.
Capitalize on use cases enterprise-wide
  • Applies transaction-based data from billing systems to drive new sources of revenue.
  • Uses consumer data to allow fraud management software to reduce costs and risk.
  • Improves operational processes.
  • Leverages financial data to support accounting, bookkeeping, governance, and regulatory compliance.

Improving accounts receivable (AR) and data processing for a more flexible and seamless customer experience.

With the implementation of SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management solution including SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute, the company enhanced the invoicing process and expanded its customization capabilities based on media usage.

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