DigitalRoute solutions for SAP

DigitalRoute and SAP have joined forces to help customers with their data challenges when transitioning to new business models. Our software, known in SAP’s solutions as SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute, enables more than 100 SAP customers to quickly launch new subscription and usage-based offerings and modernize their order-to-cash processes.

How DigitalRoute fits into SAP BRIM’s solution

DigitalRoute’s platform complements SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (SAP BRIM), a next-generation, order-to-cash, revenue management solution for consumption-based services. Our platform generates critical data for billing that drives revenue and business success.

Our platform provides a data acquisition platform for capturing all types of raw data feeds required for the BRIM billing processes. It captures this data from legacy systems, and then ensures the data is cleansed, enriched and consolidated into the data objects needed by BRIM.

Enabling and controlling new revenue streams

Our platform helps SAP customers introduce new business models quickly, provides visibility into revenue stream processing, and reduces revenue loss and revenue leakage. It collects data from multiple streams and sources, at any volume, processes it in real time, and enriches the data with information from any source.

Key benefits

Introduce new business models quickly

Convert usage and transactional data into revenue and support new business models alongside existing ones in your financial systems.

Provide visibility into revenue stream processing

Enable data collection from multiple streams and sources and provide unified control and visibility of revenue stream processes.

Reduce revenue loss and revenue leakage

Prepare data properly to prevent revenue leakage, expedite customer billing processes, and provide accurate data in a timely manner to drive profits and growth.

Customers using DigitalRoute and SAP BRIM

Software provider VMware was looking for a centralized billing system for subscription and pay-as-you-go business models. SAP and DigitalRoute helped them implement usage-based billing. When a major railway operator needed a centralized billing system so it could quickly add new travel products from multiple partners and systems, SAP and DigitalRoute provided the solution.

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