Usage data management for
media and entertainment

DigitalRoute provides cloud-based usage data management software, built to help media companies monetize new services quickly and streamline operations for Ads business and producers remuneration.


Media and entertainment use cases

We provide the infrastructure to go from raw data to clean records feeding your financial system and enabling any variation of consumption-based pricing. This allows you to avoid the headache and lengthy process of customized data management which can prove extremely difficult to configure, expensive to maintain and hard to scale.


We have helped all industries optimizing their monetization strategies with Pay-per-use models, transactional on the go or hybrid subscription models. This applies to any VoD or pay-per-view business, as well as subscription margin analysis.

Royalties' calculation
Royalties' calculation

Because we have the granular consumption details from the streaming platforms, we can calculate any revenue-sharing rules and send to your financial system the amount to be commissioned to the IP owners (content settlement) with full traceability.

Ads optimization
Ads optimization

DigitalRoute can help optimize your Ads business by providing multi-channel delivery, correlation, statistics and Ads rating and billing capabilities, for linear ads as well as digital ads.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Because we know in real time the behaviour of the customers, we can enrich data from multiple systems and model the engagement rule, e.g. what is the next best action to convert a free user, what is the next best offer for a regular subscriber, etc...

Our solution

DigitalRoute software collects, corrects, and processes any usage or consumption data (music, film, news, ad, minutes…), applies customer specific business rules, and automatically sends enriched, accurate, and timely records into your financial systems.

We ingest raw usage data at scale, in any format into our data stream which automatically cleans and transforms it, applies configurable business logic, then delivers the clean converted data into billing (account receivables), account payables, ERP’s and other downstream systems.


Together, these functions provide the data necessary for accurate billing, commissioning and analysis of service consumption. Accurate and auditable processing will help ensure that all customers’ usage is invoiced, thereby preventing revenue leakage.

Media and entertainment process Media and entertainment process

Why Choose DigitalRoute

We provide our Data Management platform in a native public cloud environment for the shortest time-to-value.

Unlike most data integration platforms, DigitalRoute is specifically tailored to capture and process usage data. It is purpose-built to bridge operational, business and finance systems, which means our customers benefit from reduced integration costs and flexible data management.

DigitalRoute treats collection and preparation of usage data for billing as the mission critical business function such as: built in auditing to ensure that all records are processed, fault tolerance and recovery for inevitable production issues, continuous loading and processing of data, detection and correction of errors – allowing records to either be fixed in real time or corrected offline and reprocessed, consolidate information from multiple sources together easily, sync customer info from CRM/CDP…

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Want record-breaking growth?

Usage data has powered companies like Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb to eye-popping growth rates.

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