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  • What to expect from this meeting?

    When you set up a meeting with us, our main goal is to understand your problems. You’ll speak with an expert who has years of experience in solving complex IT challenges. They’ll learn about your challenges and what kinds of solutions you’re considering.

  • Who’s involved in the meeting?

    Usually in the discovery process we work with people from the technical side of a business, but we can also tailor meetings for people from finance, product development or business intelligence. Accurate usage data can improve multiple aspects of your business.

  • Demo of DigitalRoute’s software?

    The meeting can also take the form of a demo of our software. If you provide us with background information first, we will personalize the demo based on your needs. You can see a simple demo of how our software enables usage-based pricing here.

What our clients say on

What our clients say

“DigitalRoute helped us to transform volumes of data into more meaningful information. The team was flexible and knowledgeable to work with from the pre-sales to the delivery period. There is no need to worry about data loss or audit compliance concerns while working with DigitalRoute.”

“We were very satisfied with the partnership between DigitalRoute and us. Both as a software editor and as integrator. We worked closely to built an integrated team which delivered a very successible first release with a high quality/low level of issues and very good performances and a low latency where our legacy solution was no longer abble to sustain the load”

“The Usage Engine portfolio provides flexible coding, wide range of built-in functions, easy error handling and good performance even processing bulk amount of data. Wide range of protocol support for Data collection and forwarding. Most importantly it provides transaction safety, where there are no chances of Data loss at any point of time.”


How does a demo work?


First, our specialists will contact you to learn about your needs, then we’ll set up a personalized demo showing you how our software can help solve your challenges. Challenges we solve include:

  • Processing usage data at scale
  • Preventing revenue leakage due to data processing errors
  • Integrating business and finance systems
  • Improving billing efficiency
  • Accurate partner settlements
  • Ensuring customers stay within usage limits
Will your software work in our ecosystem?

DigitalRoute’s software can collect and process data from any system or device. It can enrich data from any of your business systems, apply business rules, and automatically send clean records to billing and analytics tools. Our software can run in the cloud or on premises.

How long is the demo?

Demos typically run from a half hour to an hour, depending on how much detail you want to get into. We’ll adjust the length of the demo to your needs and preferences.

Can I invite colleagues?

Of course! Any stakeholders in your project are welcome. If you let us know in advance, we can tailor the demo based on the needs of different parts of your organization.

Will you show me real-life examples?

Real-life examples are a great way to learn about how our software works. Let us know what kinds of challenges you need to solve, and in what industry, and we can show you how we’re already solving them today for other enterprises.

Schedule an advisory session