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"If the billing engine is at the center of, let’s say, a spiderweb, SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute is basically the link to everything around the billing system."

“Accurate and reliable megabytes and minutes are imperative to Gogo’s ability to serve customers and track our business performance. DigitalRoute is a key partner in helping Gogo connect the skies.

"As 5G business models evolve, DigitalRoute's cloud-native capabilities give us the flexibility needed to support a wide variety of businesses and industries."

“DigitalRoute’s software easily integrates with our SaaS billing solution and manages the complexity and volume of data from our suppliers.

DigitalRoute helps us to transform volumes of raw data into more meaningful information. There is no need to worry about data loss or audit compliance concerns while working with DigitalRoute."

Customers and partners

SAP delivers subscription and pay-per-use services with DigitalRoute 

SAP needed to manage usage data from multiple cloud infrastructures and applications in its billing processes. 

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DigitalRoute now available on AWS to accelerate cloud migration for CSPs 

DigitalRoute’s solution is now available on Amazon Web Services to help CSPs migrate business support systems (BSS) to the cloud. 

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Dish turns to DigitalRoute for 5G monetization 

DISH announced that it has chosen DigitalRoute’s solution to monetize new 5G services and complex business models. 

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NEC Corporation, Netcracker and DigitalRoute partner to accelerate 5G monetization

As part of the strategic partnership, NEC will offer DigitalRoute’s software alongside its 5G mobile core network (5GC).

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Gogo launches AVANCE Platform for in-flight Wi-Fi

With full control over its complex usage data, Gogo was able to launch its innovative AVANCE connectivity products to the business aviation market.

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Vocus Retail leverages DigitalRoute’s software to enable BSS migration to AWS

Vocus Retail has transformed its BSS ecosystem using our software and cloud apps, enabling automation and product innovation.

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There is no need to worry about data loss or audit compliance concerns while working with DigitalRoute.

– Sr. Program Manager, construction industry

Frontrunners in usage-based business

Albertis tolling services

Microsoft integrates front-end and back-end systems

As the complexity of Microsoft’s transactions increased, it needed to better integrate front-end systems with back-end SAP systems. Microsoft introduced SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute to formalize integration layers. 
Criteo advertising as a service
Alperia launches new billing system for renewable energy 
An Italian energy provider, Alperia can now process real-time data from EV charging stations and solar panels and accurately bill for services. Learn about the solution from SAP BRIM and SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute.
Albertis tolling services
Abertis gets integrated platform for tolling services
A world leader in managing toll roads, Abertis handles 1.5 billion toll transactions a year for 3.5 million customers. The company uses SAP BRIM and SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute to process data for high-volume billing.
Criteo advertising as a service
Criteo automates billing for advertising as a service 
Criteo needed to rapidly monetize new usage-based business models for digital advertising. Using SAP BRIM and SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute, Criteo ensures all data is consistent and accurate in its order-to-cash process. 

Portugal’s postal service modernizes its business model

CTT – Correios de Portugal uses SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute to process large volumes of data, clean and enrich data, and easily integrate with other systems. The solution’s flexibility helps them adapt to changing customer needs.

Enabling Jio’s 400 million mobile service subscribers in India

In 2016, Jio launched a brand-new 4G digital telecommunications business for India, which quickly grew to 400 million subscribers. They share how they built their billing stack based on SAP BRIM and SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute.
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