DigitalRoute solutions on AWS

DigitalRoute and Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable telecom and communication service providers (CSPs) to manage the flow of usage data between the core network and key business and analytics systems. Our robust, high-performance solutions enable real-time metering and charging, while ensuring that records are not lost, duplicated, or corrupted.

Data management across industries

While Digital Route’s Usage Engine is built to handle the extreme data volumes in the telecom industry and supports 3GPP protocols and standards, it can be deployed in any industry. Many Fortune 500 companies use it to process usage and financial data for billing and other business purposes.

Cloudification of BSS

The convergence of telecom and cloud is revolutionizing the way we communicate and access information. As telecom companies look to enhance their reach to new customers while managing costs, they are seeking the agility, security, and flexibility offered by hyperscalers. Meanwhile, hyperscalers are investing in infrastructure to bring cloud computing closer to the edge, unlocking the possibilities of 5G technology.

Unlocking the full potential of data

Mediation plays a crucial role in the migration of BSS systems to cloud infrastructure. Our solutions ensure that both legacy communication protocols and new 5G HTTP/2 OpenAPI protocols are supported and stored securely and in compliance with local regulations. With our solutions, CSPs can unlock the full potential of their data to improve analytics, drive new revenues, reduce churn, and enhance the overall customer experience through modern machine-learning frameworks.

Monetization of 5G networks

With 5G, CSPs will unlock more B2B and B2B2X selling. 5G service providers will need to partner with enterprises to deliver and monetize these services. It will be important to have a flexible and capable mediation and usage management layer operated on a cloud infrastructure to make the necessary business innovation happen.

Why Usage Engine Private Edition on AWS?

AWS provides on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing. You can access servers on AWS and log in, configure, secure, and operate them just as you would operate servers in your own data center.
With cloud computing, AWS manages and maintains technology infrastructure in a secure environment. Businesses access these resources via the internet to develop and run their applications. Capacity can grow or shrink instantly, and CSPs pay only for what they use.
DigitalRoute’s Usage Engine software for billing mediation and usage management is deployed and operated on the AWS Cloud. The Usage Engine’s system architecture is designed to be completely distributed and scalable. It can be deployed in a containerized deployment using Amazon EKS or serverless on AWS Fargate.

Benefits of the AWS Cloud

  • Off-the-shelf high availability across different physical locations (Availability Zones)
  • Different billing options for different environments
  • Elasticity for all traffic types
  • No end-of-life for hardware or platforms

“CSPs and enterprises are adopting cloud-native deployments in order to take full advantage of emerging technologies like 5G, AI, and edge computing, and the growth opportunities they bring,” says Demed L’Her, Chief Technology Officer at DigitalRoute. “With DigitalRoute on AWS, businesses can create and launch usage-based revenue models faster.”

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In this on-demand webinar, Analysys Mason discusses the vital role of vendor-agnostic data platforms as CSPs shift from being traditional telcos to “tech-cos”

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