The ETL alternative

DigitalRoute vs. ETL integration tools for usage billing

ETL, which stands for extract, transform and load, are data integration tools. Since ETL tools are older, heavyweight technologies, with high governance around them, employing them for usage data will considerably reduce your business agility.

DigitalRoute Usage Engine, on the other hand, is specifically built to process usage data and deliver clean records to operational, business and finance systems, in real time and at scale.

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Usage billing challenges

The top 3 reasons why enterprises choose DigitalRoute over ETL

Reason #1

Built for purpose

ETLs were specifically designed for bulk data transfer scenarios, such as disaster recovery, database backups and data warehousing. You could adapt them for usage billing, but at a high cost.

  • ETLs are massive tools that connect key enterprise systems, which means any changes to ETLs can be slow and require multiple approvals.
  • Setting up ETLs to process data for usage billing will require significant involvement from a team of database administrators, people which are often in short supply.
  • DigitalRoute is purpose built to process usage data, to deliver billable records, and provide business insights. No customizations or advanced skills are required.

Reason #2


Usage-based services bring you closer to your customers, but only if you can understand exactly how they are using your services.

  • DigitalRoute presents usage data in dashboards that allow you to identify usage trends over time. You can also easily export this data to your favorite data analytics tools.
  • With full visibility of usage, you can quickly adapt your services and offerings based on actual customer demand.
  • DigitalRoute also enables you to more easily develop innovative partnerships and share revenue, with a fully auditable trail.

Reason #3

Business agility

When charging customers based on usage, you need a flexible system for usage data processing, so you can continue to innovate your services.

  • Since they need to be customized for usage-based billing, ETL tools often lack the flexibility that businesses require.
  • DigitalRoute is designed to handle changing data types, business systems and partner ecosystems, without the need to rely on a vendor every time a change is required.
  • Updating workflows in DigitalRoute is simple, giving you the agility to experiment with new business models.

Here’s the bottom line

DigitalRoute vs. ETL comparison

You can customize ETL tools for usage-based billing, but this will increase your costs and reduce business agility. DigitalRoute Usage Engine solves this with a purpose-built solution designed for real-time usage data processing.

Basic integration features
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Technology connectors
Graphical workflow designer
Data routing
Data preview
Data validation
JavaScript support
Usage data-specific features
Built-in data aggregation
Real-time data processing
Built-in audit functionality
Billing connectors
Built-in data deduplication
Data throttling
Data correction
Built-in usage metering

The results of switching to DigitalRoute Usage Engine

Our customers have sped up invoicing by 80%, reduced IT maintenance activities by 65%, and detected revenue leakage amounting to 10% of operating income. Want to see what we can do for you?

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