Data for billing optimisation

Scale your usage-based billing without leaving revenue on the table. Consolidate, validate, and prepare your usage data for a seamless handover to billing.


Many businesses struggle with outdated homegrown solutions or rigid billing systems that can’t adapt to the needs of a usage-based business model.

Common challenges:

Large usage data volumes from many source systems drive costs and IT firefighting.

Forwarding of usage data to the billing system is manual and error-prone.

Invoice generation and monthly closing are too long.

Bill disputes cause many credit notes.

Not solving these needs can result in 600k USD lost revenue.
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Our Usage Engine™ automates usage data collection and processing. We ensure accurate and timely invoicing, reducing the scope for errors and delays.

And this how we do it:

Data quality

Our Usage Engine™ unifies all your usage data, collected from diverse systems. It then initiates a rigorous validation process to ensure that your datasets are free from inaccuracies and duplicates.


We measure and aggregate your usage data according to defined business rules, turning raw data into usage summaries and insights.


Our solution enriches your data by linking it to customers and products, enabling identification of non-customer data or phantom data.


We consolidate and format your data into digestible line items that are ready for invoicing, simplifying the billing process.


Do you have a billing
or data problem?

We solve the underlying data problem and integrate with your current billing, ERP and other quote to cash systems.

This enables usage base billing, saves time and reduces risk and cost.

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Automated, scalable and flexible data processing increases efficiency and enable business growth.

Not solving these needs can result in 600k USD lost revenue.
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Handle large data volumes while keeping current systems.

Automated and errorless bill runs.

Single invoice per customer and faster month-end closing.

No credit notes and bill disputes.

Let’s talk numbers

Why is having a scalable and flexible setup crucial?


High-performance and flexible data integration

Handling any volume and number of data sources


High data volumes and integrating multiple data sources

New product launch delay of 60 days

Cost of doing nothing

A 60-day launch delay for a product that will make 10k USD per day

Results in 600k USD lost revenue

Why is it important to send invoices out on time?


High performance of monthly invoicing

Better cash flow


10 days to invoice turn net 30 days

Into de facto 40 days

Cost of doing nothing

Investing the cash of 10 days per month at 3.65% annual interest would result in 0.13% more income for a 1B USD company

That's 1.3M USD per year

Why is reducing the number of credit notes crucial?


Automated usage data processing with exactly-once delivery guarantees

Correct invoices


Duplicate usage data forwarded to billing leads to

2% credit note-to-invoice ratio

Cost of doing nothing

If you send 100k invoives per month and one credit note costs 30 USD to process

Just handling those 2% credit notes cost 720K USD per year

Why is invoicing all usage worth your attention?


Automated and audited usage data processing reduces errors

All usage is invoiced


Usage data is lost due to human error or unstable systems and handovers

1% usage never billed
(we have seen cases above 10%)

Cost of doing nothing

Not including 1% of usage in invoices for an annual revenue of 100M USD

means invoicing 1M USD less per year than you should

Why should you keep your existing billing or ERP system?


Billing & ERP software handles subscriptions, but not always usage-based pricing

Growth inhibitor


Replacing a large billing system or ERP is a long-running,

multi-million USD project with high-risk

Cost of doing nothing

Launching usage based pricing while keeping your existing billing or ERP system lets you get started faster

while avoiding millions of USD in expenses

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and maximizing success!

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