Gogo launches AVANCE Platform for in-flight Wi-Fi

“Accurate and reliable megabytes and minutes are imperative to Gogo’s ability to serve customers and track our business performance. DigitalRoute is a key partner in helping Gogo connect the skies.”​

Nicole Greczyn
Director, Software Development & Corporate IT

The Customer

Gogo Business Aviation provides in-flight broadband internet service and other connectivity services for business aircraft.

The Solution

DigitalRoute’s solution collects usage data from aircraft installed with AVANCE products that connect to air-to-ground, satellite, and terrestrial networks. It then correlates the usage into a cohesive service session, validates the data based on rules, enriches the data with product and account information, then sends a clean usage data record to a billing system.​

The Challenge

Gogo needed a solution that would support a more innovative approach to data usage records than is typically available in telecom markets. To correctly differentiate data types and uses, the solution had to correlate usage data from multiple broadband connections and leverage complex logic to ensure customers were correctly billed for services rendered.

The Benefits

With full control over its complex usage data, Gogo was able to launch its innovative AVANCE connectivity products to the business aviation market, while ensuring that all errors are tracked and corrected, preventing lost revenue.

Usage by DigitalRoute 

Usage by DigitalRoute™ is our portfolio of products and features that help companies unlock the value of their usage data. 

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