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Easily transform usage data into meaningful, revenue-generating information.

With the DigitalRoute Usage Engine product portfolio, you can:

  • Manage large and complex usage data with utmost accuracy, speed, and automated ease.
  • Prevent revenue leakage to control your bottom line.
  • Identify new revenue streams, pricing strategies, and business models.
  • Accurately handle revenue splits among your entire partner ecosystem.

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Why should I book a meeting?


Quite a few reasons, actually, but mostly:

  1. Maybe you’ve poked around our website a bit but still not 100% sure about what we do. It’s alright. It’s a lot to digest, but talk to us and we’ll make sure it’s plain as day.
  2. Your business is struggling with data volume and complexity, and you’re exploring solutions to tame the wildness.
  3. You are already aware of usage data management but want to know more about the real-world benefits and whether our solutions integrate with your ecosystem.
  4. Your subscription or XaaS business is growing and you’re looking to enhance it and/or are considering adopting a usage-based pricing model.
What can I expect from this meeting?


The 30-minute discovery call is aimed at understanding your data challenges and pinpointing where our solutions fit. So go ahead and invite a colleague or two to the call, which will include a custom demo presentation that will address the specific challenges and business goals you/they might be dealing with.


Gartner score

DigitalRoute helped us to transform volumes of data into more meaningful information. There is no need to worry about data loss or audit compliance concerns while working with DigitalRoute.”

Project and Portfolio Manager, Construction

“The Usage Engine portfolio provides flexible coding, wide range of built-in functions, easy error handling, and good performance even processing bulk amount of data. Wide range of protocol support for data collection and forwarding. Most importantly it provides transaction safety, where there are no chances of data loss at any point of time.”

Software Development Specialist, Telecommunications

“We worked closely to built an integrated team which delivered a very successible first release with a high quality/low level of issues and very good performances and a low latency where our legacy solution was no longer abble to sustain the load.”

Project and Portfolio Manager, Telecommunications

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