SAP delivers subscription and pay-per-use services with DigitalRoute

If the billing engine is at the center of, let’s say, a spiderweb, SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute is basically the link to everything around the billing system.”​

Gary Aw
Solutions Architect, SAP

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The Customer

SAP SE is known worldwide for enterprise software and next-generation technologies that keep business moving. The company revolutionized the industry nearly 50 years ago with its ERP software. Now in the digital era, SAP continues to support businesses in virtually every industry with a variety of industry cloud solutions. 

The Solution

DigitalRoute’s software tracks and orchestrates data used for SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management solutions. The software includes built-in functionalities such as data aggregation, correlation, data deduplication and enrichment, as well as the ability to push records into the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. It processes billions of records and supports 500 million users per month, which provides the assurance that the solution can handle anticipated levels of traffic at scale. 

The Challenge

As SAP expands its portfolio and transitions from a license-based business to subscription and pay-per-use business models, it needs to tightly manage usage data from multiple cloud infrastructures and applications in its billing processes. So, SAP sought a comprehensive solution to track and orchestrate revenue-critical data. 

The Result

DigitalRoute’s software provided the quality of data necessary for SAP’s charging and billing systems. It reduces the need for system customizations and streamlines data processes related to acquiring new companies. It reduces time to market for the deployment of new solutions, with two to five new cloud services now added on SAP Business Technology Platform on a monthly basis. The software’s error handling and reprocessing capabilities also minimize the risk of revenue loss. 

A successful go-to-market partnership 

SAP is both a DigitalRoute customer and a go-to-market partner. DigitalRoute’s software, known in SAP’s solutions as SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute, enables more than 100 SAP customers to quickly launch new subscription and usage-based offerings and modernize their order-to-cash processes. 

“With SAP Convergent Mediation, SAP has the confidence that we can adapt to the market,” says Mahesh Maddila, IT Technology Consultant, SAP Labs, SAP SE. “DigitalRoute shares SAP’s vision for looking to the future and making sure the solution is capable of meeting our future needs.” 

Usage by DigitalRoute 

Usage by DigitalRoute™ is our portfolio of products and features that help companies unlock the value of their usage data. 

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