Vocus Retail leverages DigitalRoute’s software to enable BSS migration to AWS

“DigitalRoute’s software easily integrates with our SaaS billing solution and manages the complexity and volume of data from our suppliers.”​

Shehraz Ishak
Transformation Lead, Vocus Retail

The Customer

Vocus Group Limited (ASX: VOC) is Australia’s specialist fiber and network solutions provider, connecting all mainland capitals with Asia and the USA. Vocus Retail, a division of Vocus Group, provides communications services to businesses and consumers in Australia. Vocus Retail has three main brands – Dodo, iPrimus and Commander – targeting different segments.

The Solution

Vocus Retail selected DigitalRoute as a key partner in migrating its BSS to the AWS cloud. DigitalRoute implemented its software to process usage data for Vocus Retail services, enabling the new billing stack to operate in the cloud. The software, hosted in the AWS cloud, ensures that usage data is collected, processed, and delivered in real-time to the correct BSS application.

The Challenge

Vocus Retail’s legacy business support systems (BSS) were hosted on-premises, heavily customized and operated separately for each brand. This led to inflexibility, extra complexity, and unacceptable time-to-market. Vocus Retail decided to launch a BSS cloud transformation project called One Platform to overcome these challenges.

The Result

DigitalRoute’s software acts as the single usage gateway to collect, decode, map, normalize and enrich usage events from the Vocus network and its partner network. The processed data is sent to billing and to a data warehouse for further data reporting and analytics.

A modern, multi-tenanted BSS technology stack
The goal of the One Platform project was to have a modern, multi-tenanted BSS technology stack that would deliver speed and automation for the Vocus Retail businesses. Vocus Retail wanted a configurable solution to provide faster time to market, and multi-tenancy to power multiple brands from a consolidated technology stack. It uses modular product design capability to drive speed to market.
Why Vocus chose DigitalRoute
DigitalRoute’s software was highly recommended by a cloud billing provider that Vocus was considering. DigitalRoute’s software pre-integrates with leading cloud billing providers and can significantly reduce billing complexity and customizations. DigitalRoute also has 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, as well as from the energy sector, which was important to Vocus. Vocus also valued the flexibility of DigitalRoute’s software in managing data from all sources, which reduces integration challenges. Vocus was also impressed with how quickly DigitalRoute could deliver the solution.

“We selected Digital Route as a key technology partner to modernize and simplify our technology infrastructure,” says Shehraz Ishak, Transformation Lead, Vocus Retail. “DigitalRoute shares in our ambition of delivering digital-first experiences in our platform transformation.”

Next steps

Vocus Retail plans to migrate customers from legacy BSS to the new technology stack and build new product categories using DigitalRoute for its usage mediation platform.
About Vocus
Vocus Group Limited (ASX: VOC) is Australia’s specialist fiber and network solutions provider, connecting all mainland capitals with Asia and the USA. Vocus has backhaul fiber connecting most regional centers in Australia. Vocus also operates an extensive and modern network in New Zealand, connecting the country’s capitals and most regional centers. In total, the Vocus terrestrial network is about 30,000 route-kilometers of high performance, high availability fiber-optic cable, including 4,600 km of submarine cable connecting Singapore, Indonesia and Australia and 2,100 km of submarine cable between Port Hedland and Darwin and connecting offshore oil and gas facilities in the Timor Sea. Vocus owns a portfolio of well-recognized brands catering to enterprise, government, wholesale, small business and residential customers across Australia and New Zealand.

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