SAP partner case study

Improving accounts receivable (AR) and data processing for a more flexible and seamless customer experience.

Solution including SAP BRIM and SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute – implemented by M&S Consulting

Spectrum Reach streamlines invoicing and automates processes to deliver a frictionless experience and become a valuable partner for agencies

Spectrum Reach is the advertising sales business of Charter Communications Inc., operating in 36 states and 91 markets. The company creates scalable advertising and marketing services driven by aggregated and de-identified data insights and award-winning creative services. Spectrum Reach helps businesses of all sizes reach anyone, anywhere, on any screen.
Key to achieving these goals was the creation of a more efficient, streamlined user experience by consolidating more than 11 regional accounts receivable (AR) solutions and unifying invoicing processes.
Spectrum Reach also wanted to find a solution that could process and track high volumes of media usage and transactional data to support more flexible customer billing operations.


The company was locked into manual invoicing processes over multiple Accounts Receivable (AR) solutions and was unable to provide a single invoice to customers, regardless of the types of expenditures or geographic location of purchases.
They wanted to merge over 11 regional accounts receivable systems and standardize invoicing processes to build a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Additionally, they sought a method capable of processing and tracking high volumes of media usage and transaction data. They wanted to give more flexibility to their customer billing operations as well as the ability to offer more individualized services that met customers’ specific needs.

They were looking for a partner to design, architect, and implement the solution to support today’s needs as well as future growth. 

Challenges in short:

Desire to create a better, more seamless customer experience while increasing revenue.

Lack of ability to expand billing functionality with current AR solution provider.

Need to automate certain back-office operations, integrate regional accounts receivable (AR) solutions, consolidate multiple invoices per customer into one, and offer various billing options based on usage.


Spectrum Reach chose to work with SAP because of its proven solutions for AR, M&S Consulting for its ability to deliver in complex environments and its deep-level billing and revenue experience, and SAP Convergent Mediation solution by DigitalRoute, an industry cloud solution, to track media data, support various customer billing models, and integrate with other business systems.

With the SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) solution, Spectrum Reach was able to streamline invoicing processes and offer flexible, customizable billing options, such as calendar invoices, billing by impressions, and multiple discounts – all within a single customer invoice.

The SAP BRIM solution's subscription order management component, allowed the company to build a product catalog with various usage options.

M&S Consulting implemented the SAP Convergent Mediation solution by DigitalRoute to help the company process high volumes of media to feed multiple usage options and scale offerings for growth.


With the implementation of SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management solution including SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute, the company enhanced the invoicing process and expanded its customization capabilities based on media usage.

This was achieved by developing a unified accounts receivable platform that not only saved time but also heightened efficiency for staff and customers alike. The consolidation of Accounts Receivable procedures meant issuing just one invoice per customer, irrespective of spend type or purchase geography.

Furthermore, the company achieved efficient, swift processing of large quantities of media data, with the added benefit of being scalable for future growth. Automation of the invoice distribution process enabled Spectrum Reach to attain the status of a Certified Digital Vendor, positioning them as a prized partner for agencies. This distinction has been instrumental in driving supplemental revenue.

Outcome in short:

The ability to better track and process increasingly high volumes of data that drive individualized, customized invoices.

10% efficiencies gained in the billing process, resulting in improved customer service.

25% reduction in payment application time.

+10% Billing process efficiencies gained

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