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Together with our partners, we help enterprise customers in software, manufacturing, telecom, media and entertainment and finance to accelerate their billing and digital transformation to adapt to usage-based services.

Partnering to unlock the value of usage data

Through our partnerships, more than 400 enterprises have adopted DigitalRoute’s software.

Our Usage Engine helps companies unlock the value of their usage data, leading to increased efficiency and better customer experiences.

Unlike most integration platforms, our software is purpose-built to bridge operational, business and finance systems. This means customers can take operational data into their financial systems with confidence.

We simplify the transition to usage-based business models, anchoring usage data in the quote-to-cash process.

Bringing partner applications to the edge with Google Cloud

DigitalRoute will provide its solution on Google Cloud to collect usage information from edge services and network elements and prepare it for billing, partner settlement or any other form of monetization.

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