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Live Podcast
Unravelling the Complexities of Usage Billing

November 2, 2023 @ 16.30 CET | 11.30 EST

Unravelling the Complexities of Usage Billing

The future to scaling your subscription business

As more and more companies transition to hybrid models that incorporate consumption-based offerings, understanding the complexities of usage billing becomes more critical than ever. In this live podcast discussion with Igor Stenmark from MGI Research, we unravel the complexities of usage billing and the most common challenges when starting or scaling a subscription business with usage-based models.

Discussion points:

  • What is usage billing, with examples
  • Macro environment & market dynamics fuelling consumption-based models
  • Most common challenges when starting/scaling with usage-based models, and how to overcome them
  • Simple vs complex: examining the differences between basic usage billing capabilities vs the more complex ones
  • Usage billing roadmap
  • Live Q&A

Meet the guest

Igor Stenmark

Igor Stenmark is a co-founder and managing partner of MGI Research. Igor brings his 30+ years of experience in entrepreneurial, strategic advisory, investment management, and executive roles in the technology industry to his clients. He serves as a strategic adviser to technology buyers, investors, boards, and management helping them make more informed decisions, enter new markets, optimize positioning, and build lasting value. Prior to MGI Research, Igor founded Stenmark Capital, an investment firm focused on technology and merger arbitrage investments, and served as an advisor and/or board member to technology start-ups, research firms, and investment companies such as Warburg Pincus, Bain, and Credit Suisse. Igor also spent nine years at Gartner serving as the Group Vice President of the Enterprise Systems Research Group, growing the research and advisory business to over $70 million in revenues and over 65 senior analysts. He has authored numerous research articles and industry scenarios, including several in-depth reports on software vendors, seminal research on the theory and practice of mergers and acquisitions in the technology arena, rating and market forecasting methodologies, equity indices, and quantitative models.