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Our story

DigitalRoute was born our of a vision to make mediation state of the art. An integrate platform that could be used for all critical use-cases, yet simple to configure and use providing the power of agility to allow quick change. Today we are the recognised global leader in mediation and with our mixed go-to market strategy the enabler for many other data management applications under OEM white label. Our performance is off the charts and our flexible and cost-effective platform empowers users to innovate in multiple mission-critical areas of their business including billing mediation, service control, policy enforcement, routing
control and others.

Our Awards

About us


Our culture

DigitalRoute culture is defined by our three core values. These are:

Expert: We are proud to be the best.
Open-minded:We dare to be disruptive and push boundaries.
Committed:100% satisfied customers - Together we succeed.

These values inform both our work and our business relationships.

Our values



Our people

DigitalRoute has a highly experienced and diverse team. We are drawn from different cultures around the world and we have in common a deep experience gained in both the communications and software industries. We also share a determination to succeed and to meet our customers expectations.

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Products and benefits

DigitalRoute products address four key business challenges.

Policy Control helps optimize the real-time, service management needs of CSPs today. Users can improve time-to-market for new services while simultaneously reducing costs. They can also close the end-customer/service provider communications loop.
Billing Mediation handles the flow of usage data to downstream systems for billing and charging purposes. DigitalRoute’s industry-leading MediationZone® technology adds value to legacy mediation by enabling cost efficiency across the whole BSS infrastructure.
OSS Mediation enables Service Providers to increase operational efficiency and identify and exploit new revenue opportunities.  It reduces the time required to implement system changes, creates one integration layer across the entire OSS environment, enables the easy integration of multiple network data sources and enhances the user’s ability to support predictive analytics.

Enterprise Data Processing delivers critical Big Data pre-processing and CEP functionality, focused on enabling data monetization.





Leading Technology Platform

MediationZone® integrates both batch and real-time processing.

A carrier-class, modular platform that enables easy customization via DTK and plug-ins.


It contains key functionality to handle data in a smart way, ensuring the right information gets collected from anywhere and is then forwarded to the right place, in the right volume and format.


It works vertically across all applications, revolutionizing the Network-IT interface and making sure that every bit counts.


Committed Partnerships

MediationZone® technology delivers fewer integration points, reduces costs and provides flexible data management across multiple use-cases via different products.


DigitalRoute provides a shorter time to market for changes or new applications.


More than 70% of the world's 350+ MediationZone® customers are primed by partners. Together with our partners, we help service providers across industries to meet their unique data integration challenges.


DigitalRoute can provide full-rebranding options, operations APIs, and Install and Upgrade frameworks that allow true embedding of the software into your own architectures.




Senior industry experts staff DigitalRoute’s services organization. They have extensive experience in delivering mediation solutions worldwide. Our team is there to enable our customers to get the most out of the platform, our aim is to secure that they have the choice to be self sufficient, or use qualified help from our eco-system partners. Our teams provide training, end-to-end support in deployment projects, turnkey deliveries, platform and solution support.