Jonas Brandvik

Software Engineer

Employed at DigitalRoute since 2019

Previous job history: As a developer in small start-up companies, in roles such as web development, front and back-end development, and analysis and presentation of data. 

The best thing about working at DigitalRoute in one sentence: Come into the office to solve and discuss complex problems with my team in front of a whiteboard.

What is essential for you when choosing an employer?

In short, three areas are vital for me to be interested in an employer. A cool tech stack combined with an exciting and scalable product or idea. And finally, a good company culture. 

Does DigitalRoute tick those boxes?

Yes, DigitalRoute delivers on my expectations! We have a great tech stack where we build Node.js microservices running in a Kubernetes cluster, which utilizes Apache Kafka for event-driven architecture. I have a background as a consultant and come from an environment working with many different projects during a short period. At DigitalRoute, I am instead part of a larger team, and we work with one well-defined product allowing me to follow up on the things I have built during earlier stages. I also see how it scales up and learn the value of good design architecture.

And company culture, how does DigitalRoute live up to your demands for good company culture?  

It is mainly in the way we collaborate both within and across teams. People help each other, something that seems natural for everyone. People are just naturally helpful here. I also appreciate how many of my colleagues have quickly gone from colleagues to friends. Another thing is that our organisational structure is relatively flat, which has removed a lot of bureaucracy, allowing us to move fast forward during development and giving everyone a chance to impact how we do things at DigitalRoute.

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