Marcio Saeger

Head of Engineering

Employed at DigitalRoute since 2019

Previous job history: Joined DigitalRoute from IBM, where he worked with large enterprise customers in various industries and before that as a software engineer at several smaller Brazilian tech companies.

What do you look for in an employer?

I always try to understand the company’s type of organisation and the tech stack they are working with. I want to know what hard skills are in place, their level of technical maturity and if it is a modern and forward-looking organisation. I enjoy to work with the latest technology in an agile way. I also like working with a microservice type of architecture and fortunately I have found just that here at DigitalRoute.

What do you value about the culture at DigitalRoute?

People are genuinely kind, and everyone is being heard. There is an openness with room to express your opinion and influence what is happening in the company. The way of working is driven by consensus, and decisions are thought through and well-anchored. Different stakeholders are given time to give input so that we can work smarter rather than harder. I really appreciate that. We also face challenges as a team and we are good at celebrating success, getting together, and arranging social events.

How would you describe the organisation and way of working at DigitalRoute?

We have a flat organisation, and you can quickly get every decision you need within your product area. We are a mature company in terms of, for example, compliance, but we have all the benefits of being a smaller company that can quickly adapt to change and be innovative.

We have a flexible way of working, and it is easy to suggest and make changes in a process if it is not optimal; there is an openness for change in the organisation. People feel free to raise their opinions and are encouraged to try new ways of doing things, which gives us a broad perspective, and we can potentially avoid mistakes and find even better solutions.

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