Streaming service offers usage-based tiers

When you’re a streaming video provider specializing in movies that are so bad they’re good, you probably can’t compete with the big players in terms of monthly subscriptions. So why not change your model? Offer a lot of content from around the world, and let people pay for what they view.

This is the set-up for our fictitious company CULTflicks, which reflects the hard reality that many streaming services are facing today. The average churn rate for streaming video services in the US is 37%, which means that customers are hopping from subscription service to subscription service – or simply cancelling them to save costs.

Turning bad movies into movie gold

CULTflicks fights subscription fatigue and fragmentation by enabling customers to pay based on their viewing. Instead of risking the complete cancellation of a monthly service, CULTflicks focuses on long-tail revenue. A high volume of content, always available to their subscribers when they want it.

To offer this kind of service, CULTflicks must be able to process data about how customers use their services in real time, and accurately settle with partners based on the content viewed. And ideally, they’ll want to be able to reach out to subscribers at exactly the right time to reduce churn and offer upsells.

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