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Optimizing Telco OSS: Cloud Migration, Generative AI, and Data Quality

Optimizing Telco OSS: Cloud Migration, Generative AI, and Data Quality

Part of the Product Update webinar series


Aygul Aytuglu, AWS

Jonas Wallenius, DigitalRoute

Join Episode 7 of the DigitalRoute Product Update Webinar Series on cloud migration for OSS and why it matters. You'll get insights into the significance of migrating OSS systems to the cloud and discover the immediate, specific benefits and opportunities it brings. We explore the current cloud landscape and provide you with AWS's perspective on Telco cloud migration.

The session also covers Generative AI and its pivotal role in optimizing OSS operations, from data analysis to automation and user experience. Plus, we delve into the importance of quality data in AI applications to ensure effective AI.

Key takeaways

  • Discover how OSS cloud migration enhances Telco operations and how Generative AI acts as a potent enabler.
  • Learn how quality data drives AI success
  • You'll also gain valuable insights into migration strategies and best practices.

What is DigitalRoute Product Update Webinars?

The DigitalRoute Product Update webinar series is your direct portal to stay in the know about our latest product news, roadmap insights, and the most cutting-edge use cases born from industry trends. Hosted by our Product Management team members, these bi-monthly on-demand webinars guarantee a steady flow of product and roadmap updates and use cases. We often have the privilege of featuring subject matter experts from our partners, adding valuable depth to the discussion.

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Aygul Aytuglu

Aygul Aytuglu

Aygul Aytuglu is Lead OSS BDM at AWS Telecom Industry Business Unit. Prior to that role she was the sales lead for the OSS portfolio of VMware covering the EMEA region. Previously, she was fulfilling the same role at EMC and Dell.

Jonas Wallenius

Jonas Wallenius
Strategic Product Manager at DigitalRoute

Jonas Wallenius maps out business and technology trends to determine where the puck moves next. He has extensive experience in both telecom, quote-to-cash, and crypto. He is a deep expert in usage-based business models and revenue data management, addressing both business and technology value. He has been a vocal advocate for telcos to migrate to public clouds since 2016, is an avid Wardley Mapper, and is part of the team that manages DigitalRoute’s partnership with AWS.