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OSS & BSS Data Mediation – VMs, Kubernetes and Cloud Transformation – What’s right for your business?

OSS & BSS Data Mediation – VMs, Kubernetes and Cloud Transformation – What’s right for your business?

Part of the Product Update webinar series


Antonello Arpino, AWS

Visu Sontam, AWS

Demed L’Her, DigitalRoute

Stephen Hateley, DigitalRoute

Join episode 11 of the DigitalRoute Product Update Webinar series for an insightful session where we cover considerations when moving Data Mediation software to the cloud.

Discover the latest market trends, gain knowledge from AWS and DigitalRoute experts, and understand the strategic benefits of starting your cloud migration journey with Data Mediation.

Our expert speakers will provide an in-depth look at deployment options, comparing Virtual Machines and Kubernetes, and offer tailored recommendations for optimizing your deployment efficiency.

Key takeaways

  • Comprehensive Comparison: Understand the deployment options of VMs and Kubernetes for OSS and BSS data mediation in the cloud.
  • Expert Insights: Gain knowledge from AWS and DigitalRoute experts about the best strategies for your business.
  • Detailed Analysis: We provide a detailed comparison of VMs and Kubernetes, focusing on key aspects such as performance, scalability, reliability, ease of management, and cost considerations.
  • Q&A Session: Get answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our Telco customers.

What is DigitalRoute Product Update Webinars?

The DigitalRoute Product Update webinar series is your direct portal to stay in the know about our latest product news, roadmap insights, and the most cutting-edge use cases born from industry trends. Hosted by our Product Management team members, these bi-monthly on-demand webinars guarantee a steady flow of product and roadmap updates and use cases. We often have the privilege of featuring subject matter experts from our partners, adding valuable depth to the discussion.

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Antonello Arpino

Antonello Arpino
Head of Operations Simplified IBU Telco, AWS

Antonello Arpino serves as the Head of Operations Simplified for the Telco business unit at AWS, a role he has excelled in for over four years. His extensive career in the telecommunications industry spans more than two decades, marked by a distinguished tenure at Ericsson. Throughout his career, Antonello has demonstrated expertise in both fixed and mobile telecommunications, specializing in infrastructure design and planning, as well as business and operations support systems. His comprehensive knowledge and strategic leadership continue to drive innovation and efficiency within the telecommunications sector.

Visu Sontam

Visu Sontam
Global Telecom OSS / BSS, AWS

Visu Sontam is a distinguished Solution Architect Leader in Global OSS and BSS at AWS, where he excels as a Principal Solutions Architect specializing in EC2 Edge. His responsibilities encompass EC2 Edge technology engagement, customer pre-sales, product engineering, and the delivery of telco solutions. Before his tenure at AWS, Visu was an integral member of Verizon's Enterprise Architecture team. At Verizon, he played a pivotal role in numerous digital transformations, system consolidations, and modernizations, all aimed at driving efficiencies and scaling operations. His profound expertise continues to advance technological innovation and operational excellence in the telecommunications industry.

Demed L’Her

Demed L’Her
CTO and Head of R&D, DigitalRoute

Demed L'Her has served as the Head of Research & Development (R&D) at DigitalRoute for over four years. He possesses a proven track record in enterprise software strategy, underpinned by more than 15 years of experience with leading technology companies such as SAP, Oracle, and TIBCO Software. Demed's extensive expertise and strategic leadership in the enterprise software sector continue to drive innovation and excellence at DigitalRoute.

Stephen Hateley

Stephen Hateley
Head of Product and Partner Marketing, DigitalRoute

Stephen is a marketing leader with extensive knowledge across the ICT industry. As Head of Product and Partner Marketing at DigitalRoute, he focuses on helping CSPs adopt new 5G business models and supporting enterprises in their move to usage-based subscriptions. He has previously headed up product marketing for companies such as InfoVista and Comptel. At Nokia he led marketing for the Nokia Software Digital Operations group, and later led product, solution and digital marketing at NetNumber.