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Live Podcast
Why Value Is Key to Success in Subscription Businesses

February 28, 2024 @ 16.30 CET | 10.30 EST

Why Value Is Key to Success in Subscription Businesses

Transition to a value-first subscription business

XaaS companies use a multitude of different pricing strategies. But do they really offer value to their customers? In this live podcast episode, we’ll dig into the correlation of value management and pricing in subscription businesses to give you the tools to transition from a cost plus or competitor pricing approach to an actual value-based pricing offering, without impacting revenue.

Discussion points:

  • What mistakes are SaaS companies making when it comes to value management and pricing?
  • What is value-based pricing and how to quantify value?
  • The role of “data” in value-based pricing.
  • Correlation between value-based pricing (willingness to pay) and usage-based pricing.
  • Live Q&A

Meet the guest

Todd Snelgrove

Todd Snelgrove has a distinguished career spanning over two decades as the Global Vice President of Value Advisory, where he served as a trailblazing team leader at SKF, specializing in the intricate understanding of optimal value, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and pioneering Total Profit Added™ (TPA™) methodologies. Leveraging his extensive expertise, Todd is dedicated to guiding businesses in the Business-to-Business (B2B) markets. His mission is to empower companies to comprehend, quantify, strategically price, skillfully negotiate, and ultimately sell based on the principles of best value rather than merely chasing the lowest price.

Currently engaged in consulting roles, Todd extends his wealth of knowledge to software, product, and services companies across diverse industries. His focus lies in instilling a value-centric mindset, enabling these entities to navigate complexities, make informed decisions, and unlock the untapped rewards inherent in prioritizing value-driven strategies.

Todd wrote, directed, and edited the bestselling Routledge October 2016 book Value First Then Price - Quantifying Value in Business Markets from the Perspectives of both the Buyers and Sellers, ED 2 launched 2022, and Chinese Version due by 2024.