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August 19, 2019 | by Ben Jolley

DigitalRoute, the leader of consumption driven business model innovation, today announced a cloud-native solution to its Usage Data Platform (UDP) that further extends capabilities to simplify and drive consumption based commerce at enterprise speed.

DigitalRoute’s cloud based service allows customers access to an extensive collection of APIs and data sources, allowing them to quickly innovate, implement and operationalize new business models driving extensive value creation.

“This enhanced service is built on a 20 year proven track record in the most demanding environment extending business model innovation to our customers like never before,” said Andreas Zartmann, CEO of DigitalRoute. “We are making it possible for our customers to thrive in the consumption-based economy by simplifying the move from selling products to selling services driven by usage. Enterprises focused on customer experience are leapfrogging the simpler subscription models to offer more innovative and disruptive offerings. Our enhanced service enables enterprises to re-invent their business model to deliver on their brand promise.”

With the inception of the consumption-based economy, companies are trying to find ways to meet customer expectations with a new business model approach. Collecting and analyzing data at scale to make more informed real-time decisions has become a must have. In order to offer a seamless buyer experience, as well as a fully transparent billing and settlement process, today’s businesses of every size are looking to collect and analyze usage data from thousands of sources that need to play well in any platform and for any revenue system. The challenge is that traditional approaches can’t automate usage data management and requires a lot of manual processes to assure the data quality.

This cloud-based service within DigitalRoute’s UDP, enables a wide variety of capabilities, including usage-based billing, IoT usage data management, revenue leakage detection and prevention to identify a few. Customers can now automate usage data management to implement end-to-end business processes that fulfill their data and information processing needs. Additionally, with access to these tools, customers will have increased agility to help them scale to meet their needs while meeting key business objectives.
Being cloud-native isn’t new to DigitalRoute’s offerings; we have deployed cloud-based solutions across various industries including transport, logistics, automotive, financial services, telecom and software delivery together with partners like SAP and Zuora. With our industry expertise comes a customized approach to simplify business model innovations to companies of any size.

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