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How a Car Company Introduced an Intelligent Data Layer for Service Monetization and Insights

Leading car manufacturer in Europe addresses data complexity with automation. Obtains real-time insights and revenue process transparency.

This company is one of the world's most well-known and respected car brands, with sales to customers in more than 100 countries. Recently they reported selling 700,000 in one year.

The company is based in Europe, with manufacturing operations carried out across the continent and in the US and China.

Its ambition is to become a fully electric car maker by 2030 with a commitment to continually reduce its carbon footprint. Ultimately it is aiming to be climate-neutral by 2040.

As these privately owned vehicles become increasingly connected to each other and to external infrastructures via a growing number of sensors, a massive amount of data is being generated.

Gathering this data has become par for the course while leveraging insights from data in ways that can be monetized are being implemented.


The company was locked into a process where offering over-the-top (OTT) services to customers was highly manual and time consuming with big operational and financial impacts. Consequently, it wanted to take full control over the service delivery chain in order to set up more flexible and dynamic business models.

The company wanted to automate and be able to roll out new services based on usage, behaviour and context, and to set up a service management system that allowed them to dynamically manage and provision all service offerings in real-time.

The first step in this project was to set up a cloud-based IT infrastructure that could provide next generation connected car services. It’s possible for services such as remote heating control, in-car functionality enhancements and more, to be introduced by enabling connectivity between the car manufacturer and the partnering telco eco-system.

In order to realize this the company needed to collect and unify usage data from the service communication network and bind those to either, a specific vehicle, a specific individual or both. Unable to deal with that level of complexity, its old legacy IT infrastructure had to be replaced.

The company wanted to implement a solution that could act as an intelligent layer to help them drive business decisions towards its partnering telecom operators and its end-users.

Challenges in short:

Manual and time-consuming processes to introduce new services.

Unable to collect and unify usage data and bind it to specific user or vehicle.

Not able to disconnect subscription service operations between car and operator.


Today, the DigitalRoute Usage Engine collects usage data across all communication networks used by the manufacturers’ vehicles.

With the ability to collect usage data in real-time the company can bind all incoming usage data to a specific vehicle or subscriber and respond to usage thresholds and other measurements.

Prior to the implementation of the DigitalRoute Usage Engine the company relied on manual processes for binding data to both internal systems as well as for the associated telecom operator.

Now, the company have fully automated their environment, resulting in 100% transparency & accuracy in their billing processes and obtaining full control of service usage.


With the implementation of the Usage Engine, the company can bind, correlate and aggregate all usage from vehicles or individual drivers with 100% accuracy.

This primarily gives the company the ability to analyze and control the usage of in-car services and ensure proper utilization of communication infrastructure in real-time.
Secondary the solution offers fully transparent billable items and settlements to its partnering telecom operators. This will also result in revenue leakage prevention and bill shock prevention.

Additionally the company could more easily create new business models with tailored services and offerings based on behavioural insights.

The company can now run its entire operations in a cloud-based environment.

Outcome in short:

Bind, correlate and aggregate data with 100% accuracy.

Analyze and control the usage of in-car services in real-time.

Full transparency in billable items and partner settlements.

Revenue leakage prevention.

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