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Get the ultimate guide to monetizing usage-based services.
Consumption models are the best way to grow revenue and scale. But without the right data, they cause big problems. Learn the basics to get it right.

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Get an overview of usage-based business models
Before you start, you need to pick the right usage-based pricing model.
Learn what’s involved in turning usage data into revenue
Most revenue systems aren’t built to connect and monetize the usage data that consumption-based models generate.
Understand the risks if you don’t get it right

You could lose 1-5% of your revenue due to errors in data processing.

Customers and partners

SAP IT on SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute

SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute helps to capture and process all data about how customers are using the services.

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DigitalRoute now available on AWS to accelerate cloud migration for CSPs 

DigitalRoute’s solution is now available on Amazon Web Services to help CSPs migrate business support systems (BSS) to the cloud. 

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Dish turns to DigitalRoute for 5G monetization 

DISH announced that it has chosen DigitalRoute’s solution to monetize new 5G services and complex business models. 

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