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Telecom mediation

DigitalRoute has been helping the largest telecom operators provide accurate billing for 20 years, handling 500 billion transactions per day. We are now working with 5G frontrunners and are here to support you in this new era.

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The challenges of 5G and IoT

Telecoms have always built business models based on usage data at scale. As we enter the 5G era, speed is now measured in gigabits instead of megabits per second, and enterprises and IoT will become as important as the consumer segment.

We’ve got you covered

DigitalRoute has been the go-to partner for hundreds of telecoms for 20 years. We have helped the biggest telecoms with generational shifts that brought new complexity and increasing usage volumes. These telecoms now rely on us to prepare for 5G.

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Guaranteed lower TCO for telecom mediation

In the last 24 months, we’ve helped 20+ telecoms migrate from legacy mediation systems.

How MediationZone
supports telcos

DigitalRoute’s MediationZone software manages the flow of usage data between key business support systems, the network and payments systems to ensure records are not lost, duplicated or corrupted. Real-time metering and charging needs are met with a robust, high-performance solution.

The MediationZone, part of our Usage Data Platform, is more than just mediation. It allows for the deployment of metered service bundles and real-time subscriber and slice usage control functionality, which are necessary in 5G for a B2X go-to-market model. It can also meter and help monetize edge-computing capabilities introduced in 5G. 

Using our Usage Data Platform allows telecoms to avoid relying on a single major network equipment provider, by clearly separating the network and business support system areas from one another.

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DigitalRoute supports network interfaces across multiple vendors and nodes – HTTP/2, DIAMETER, RADIUS, ASN.1, packet gateways, IP multimedia subsystems, core networks, WiFi, NFV orchestrators and network probes.

In our 20-year history, the Usage Data Platform’s separation of format and protocol have enabled it to make the most complex and challenging integrations. Whether in real-time, streaming, batches or through APIs, our platform binds data to contracts and subscriptions.

From there we’ve solved other complex service innovation challenges, including offloading overwhelmed BSS systems and unifying data for strategic billing solutions before migration.

How DigitalRoute enables telecom operators

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How we guarantee
zero revenue leakage

Across all your business support systems there is a risk of revenue leakage due to data loss. Our technology is built to ensure that no usage data is lost in the process. If at any point our platform detects data quality issues, the data is automatically routed to our Data Correction functionality. There it can be automatically corrected through rules or be manually reviewed. Once the data is corrected, it is returned to the flow at the same point where it was paused.

Learn how a telecom simplified billing mediation for 400 billion events per day.

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