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Consumption Based Commerce is Coming

Is Your Data Ready?

Understanding and acting on Usage Data is key to developing new business models

As Digital Disruption Sweeps Across Industries

Successful companies put their customers front and center in everything they do. They systematically realign processes & technology to give customers what they want, when they want, in just the way they want it.

We’re seeing the first step in this journey as more businesses shift from pay-per-product models to “as-a-service” subscriptions. But an even bigger change is just around the corner: Consumption Based Commerce. Here, customers have the freedom to consume what they want and pay for only what they use — and not a penny more.

Consumption Based Commerce



Usage Data Platform



Collect Data. Start by making sense of massive amounts of disparate data coming in—across hundreds, even thousands of diverse systems and locations.


Bind It. Now comes the hard part: cleaning, processing, and correlating every bit and byte of that usage data with a specific customer or asset, in real time.


Enable Action. By understanding your data usage, you now have the insights to bring personalized, consumption-based offers, products, and pricing to market.



DigitalRoute in Action

Reduce Revenue Leakage

A toll road operator tracks millions of complex sessions daily to see exactly where drivers get on and off the highway, and drive down toll fraud.

Automate Complexity

A national postal service introduces shipping choices & add-on services, priced geographically and by attribute—all calculated for customers automatically with 100% accuracy.

Expand Visibility

A leading transportation carrier working with dozens of partners tracks purchases and inventory across all channels—their own and their third-party partners—in real time.

Craft Differentiated Offers

A major European railway tracks card-swipes of family members across different times and locations to apply individual- and family-based discounts.

What if you Could
Big “web-scale” companies like Amazon and Google already do this with cloud services. But what if you could bring the same model to retail? Transportation? Manufacturing? To any product or service?

Differentiated Offers
Now, each customer’s unique needs and preferences drive every interaction. You can not only meet your customers’ expectations, but anticipate them—at any time or place, at a price level that aligns with their usage. The more differentiated choices you offer, the more granular insights you gain to drive more profitable products and services.

DigitalRoute Can Help
DigitalRoute works with hundreds of enterprises worldwide to capitalize on the growing wave of Consumption Based Commerce leveraging DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform. We can help you harness massive amounts of data across your ecosystem, tie it to usage, and deliver personalized products and pricing in real time.

Use Cases

Use Case

Consumption Based Charging



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