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Across a wide variety of industries, we help iconic brands take control of data about how customers use their services. With automated data processing, we enable them to speed up invoicing, reduce IT maintenance, retire legacy systems, and detect revenue leakage.

8 ways to benefit from your usage data

Our software is purpose-built for complex environments where managing scale is critical. This is where our customers and partners discover our greatest value.

Revenue accuracy

– secured

Grow your revenue by eliminating leakage 

User experiences

– tailored

Accelerate growth by upselling and improving customer experiences

Business model

– innovated 

Switch to a subscription and consumption-based business model 

Service consumption

– leveraged 

Verify your customers can access only the services they are entitled to

Partner settlements

– streamlined 

Ensure accurate revenue allocation to internal and external partners 

Billing efficiency

– delivered 

Simplify billing by consolidating data from diverse financial systems

5G services

– monetized 

Generate new revenues from B2B and B2B2X service innovation

Network data

– controlled

CSPs can decouple the network from BSS/OSS stacks so they can take control of network data.

Our solution processes usage data to enable real-time actions and new business models

80% faster

“DigitalRoute’s platform allowed us to accelerate our invoicing process from weeks to days!”

60% reduction

In maintenance and reporting activities, leading to improved employee productivity.

174% ROI

Over a three-year period, according to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact analysis.

500% growth

Over a five-year period for one customer’s 
consumption-based model.

The only purpose-built solution to capture and process usage data

“The solution has strong automation capabilities and built-in features that translated to significant improvements on our time-to-market.”

– Solution architect for SaaS provider


Our platform scales up – so your billing system doesn’t have to.


No other solution can hande the high data volumes and complexity like we can.


On-premise or in cloud? You decide. We adapt to your needs.


Zero data loss – zero lost opportunities with our automation and error-correction capabilities.

Get the ultimate guide to usage-based revenue

Consumption models are the best way to grow revenue and scale. But without the right data, they cause big problems. Learn the basics to get it right.

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