Discover Usage Engine Private Edition 4: Agility in the Cloud

April 17, 2024

DigitalRoute software has been deployed by hundreds of companies across industries over the last 20 years. Each organization’s journey to the cloud is unique, and we see this in our customer base, with deployment preferences spanning from on-premises data centers to the public cloud. The DigitalRoute portfolio enables migration to the cloud, with Usage Engine Private Edition being ideal for customers already embracing cloud-native architectures, and our MediationZone software catering to traditional deployments, providing flexibility to a stepwise transition.

Stephen Hateley
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We’re excited to introduce Usage Engine Private Edition 4, marking another significant milestone in our journey to deliver advanced cloud-native solutions. Development over the past 12 months has been focused on 5 key areas:

  • Agility and Adaptability
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Security and Compliance
  • Quality and Reliability

With new features spanning from version 3.1 to 4.0, we are also at feature parity with our market-leading MediationZone.

At DigitalRoute., our product strategy revolves around customer-centric innovation. We take customer input and requests onboard, listening closely to the expertise from product users. From here we gain valuable insights into the real-world challenges they face and any opportunities for us to improve the software. This customer input is vital as we continuously analyze the market to follow trends and refine our offerings to meet evolving needs.

Neil Smith-Willis

Lead Product Owner, MediationZone and Usage Engine Private Edition, DigitalRoute

Now we invite you to take a closer look at the highlight features of Usage Engine Private Edition 4 and how it’s been designed to support business agility in cloud-native infrastructures, including CI/CD, scalability and deployability.

Agility and Adaptability

Usage Engine Private Edition 4 addresses cost-effective agility in cloud-native environments through features like ARM64 compatibility, allowing users to leverage ARM-based CPUs such as AWS’s Graviton chip. This significant enhancement brings forth a game-changing opportunity to harness comparable compute performance to x86 equivalents but at a substantially lower cost. 

Additionally, the Custom UI builder simplifies UI (User Interface) creation for tailored use cases like viewing database tables and is designed to streamline the process, resulting in improved data insight sharing and enhanced workflow control.

Moreover, we added features like Python agents integrated into Batch, Real-Time, and Task, which empower users to leverage Python’s ease of use and flexibility, elevating data workflow management.

Watch the feature demo video on the Custom UI Builder

Productivity and Efficiency

Usage Engine Private Edition includes features like Git Export/Import, designed to streamline version control and enhance configuration management. Responding to the increased demand for convenient and user-friendly version control, this functionality allows users to clone repositories directly from Git, import and export configurations seamlessly between Usage Engine Private Edition and Git, and effortlessly switch between Git branches.

Watch the feature demo video on Git Export/Import


Our DROnline replacement marks a strategic shift as we migrate all DROnline functionality into the new Desktop UI. This transition aims to simplify and unify the user experience by consolidating all ECD management functions from DROnline into the Desktop interface.

In recognition of the challenges faced by businesses dealing with diverse data sources and a need for real-time insights, KPI Management provides a complete solution, designed to empower users in transforming extensive raw data into actionable insights fit for multi-dimensional analytics.  

Watch the feature demo video on KPI Management


Another feature is Reference Data Management, which empowers users by providing capabilities to query, edit, import, and export reference data directly from databases, eliminating the need to switch between applications or interfaces. This is particularly beneficial for scenarios where the Usage Engine Private Edition leverages reference data stored in Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. 

Watch the feature demo video on Reference Data Management

Scalability and Performance

With the elimination of disk dependency for inter workflow feature, users get enhanced capability to configure and utilize inter workflows without any reliance on the underlying disk storage. This feature is tailored for cloud deployments, where file system access may be limited and storage prone to loss; this enhancement eliminates any dependency on the file system for inter-workflow profiles.

In our continuous commitment to enhancing performance and scalability, we are excited to introduce an update to the Couchbase implementation within the Usage Engine Private Edition. Leveraging the more recent Couchbase SDK, this update ensures a modernized and optimized experience for users relying on Couchbase NoSQL database storage for components such as Policy, Routing Control, Usage Management (Metering), Aggregation, and Distributed Storage.

Security and Compliance

Introducing the OAuth Provider for REST, a robust authorization server designed to generate access tokens crucial for accessing REST APIs hosted by HTTP/2 server agents. This feature not only facilitates secure access to REST APIs but also enhances the overall integrity of HTTP/2 server agents, ensuring a reliable and fortified authentication mechanism within the platform environment. 

Data Masking is another useful feature to mask Personal Identifying Information (or PII) from further distribution, as this type of information is usually highly sensitive, and its distribution is often regulated by law. The ability to mask such information close to the source and avoid unwanted exposure is very handy. This is often used before shipping data for storage/analytics (especially if this resides off-premises) or before distribution to downstream systems that do not need the PII information to perform their function, hence preventing unauthorized access to sensitive customer data.

Watch the feature demo video on Data Masking Enhancements

Quality and Reliability

Relying on consistent, high-quality performance and reliable data processes is key in any data management scenario. 

Conditional Trace 2.0 offers users the capability to precisely monitor and troubleshoot specific records, such as individual customers, in real-time deployments. This feature enables efficient issue resolution by allowing users to define filters for capturing relevant data, ensuring a focused approach to monitoring and troubleshooting, and is a powerful solution for enhanced visibility, streamlined troubleshooting, and enriched trace logging capabilities in data-intensive environments.

Watch the feature demo video on Conditional Trace


The release of Usage Engine Private Edition 4 represents a significant leap forward in DigitalRoute’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of modern businesses. By addressing key areas of agility, productivity, scalability, security, and reliability, Usage Engine empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of cloud-native environments with confidence and efficiency.

As we continue to prioritize customer feedback and market insights in our development approach, Usage Engine stands as a testament to our dedication to driving innovation and enabling our customers to adapt, scale, and thrive as their business needs change.

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Stephen Hateley

Head of Product Marketing @ DigitalRoute

Stephen is a marketing leader with extensive knowledge across the ICT industry. As Head of Product Marketing at DigitalRoute, he focuses on helping CSPs adopt new 5G business models and supporting enterprises in their move to usage-based subscriptions.

He has previously headed up product marketing for companies such as InfoVista and Comptel. At Nokia he led marketing for the Nokia Software Digital Operations group, and later led product, solution and digital marketing at NetNumber.

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