Alex Alves

Software Engineer

Employed at DigitalRoute since 2020

Previous job history: Worked for mainly Brazilian companies and the Brazilian government as a front and backend developer.

The best thing about working at DigitalRoute in one sentence: We have a flat organisation and a safe environment where people can speak freely and impact the development at DigitalRoute.

From Brazil to DigitalRoute in Stockholm. What made you make that move?

A former colleague told me about DigitalRoute, how much he enjoyed working there, and that their products were exciting. I got curious and looked into their open positions, found one that was interesting and now I have been working here for two years. I also brought my family with me; we enjoy the Swedish lifestyle and Stockholm.

What do you appreciate the most about the way of working at DigitalRoute?

A good work environment is essential to me. People are genuinely friendly here at DigitalRoute. Knowledge sharing is also at the heart of the way of working here. People widely share their findings within their teams and teams working with other products. You get an excellent overview of what is going on at DigitalRoute.

How do you update yourself with new technology and other areas of interest?

We have study days, which I never had at an employer before. Between sprints, we have something called Tweak-It. We get two days to improve DigitalRoute’s products with our own ideas or study something we want or need. Once a year, we also have a Mega Tweak-It, often after the summer break when we get a week-long learning period.

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