Charlotte Depin

Head of Product Design

Employed at DigitalRoute since 2021

Previous job history: 12 years of experience as a User experience Designer and Innovation consultant in different digital agencies such as Fjord, later acquired by Accenture, and as a freelancer. Coming recently from different positions in the Swedish tech scene.

Why did you decide to join DigitalRoute?

One of the reasons I joined DigitalRoute is the organisational setup here, where the User experience team is working closely with Product management. I saw an exciting challenge in bringing in the value of user experience and design early in the product development process and being a vital part of the mastermind of imagining future products. We are working towards product-led development, and we are making good progress.

What is it like working in your user experience team?

We have a process where we work closely with the product management team. We are an equally important player in driving the development since we have the same goal to deliver great products for our clients. We share the responsibility for making our products desirable and sustainable from a business perspective, except that we use different tools to get there.

Why is DigitalRoute a great place to work for a user experience designer?

We are building systems and have a great company culture. We are undergoing a significant change right now, going from very tech-driven to product-driven. It is exciting for user experience designers to be part of an extensive organisational transformation. We also have both mature and relatively young products with a margin for creativity and innovation that I believe is an exciting opportunity to be part of.

How would you describe the culture at DigitalRoute?

People are encouraged to step out of their roles and try new things. There is the freedom and flexibility to define your role within the job description. People are open to change and the unexpected, probably coming from DigitalRoute being a mature company with a history of successful growth. We also have a friendly work environment where people are patient and help each other.

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