Jingying Ma

UX designer

Employed at DigitalRoute since September 2021

Previous job history: 4 years of working experience as a designer. I worked as a UX researcher at Assa Abloy and a Creative designer at LG electronics before joining DigitalRoute.

What brought you to the tech field?

In today’s tech industry, UX design is in high demand. A UX designer is vital in creating easy-to-use user interfaces and user experiences. Developing innovative solutions requires teamwork, communication, creativity, and innovation. I felt that would be a good challenge for me. The flexible and agile development environment appeals to me, and I can quickly adapt to rapid changes.

How would you describe how you, as a UX designer, can contribute to DigitalRoute’s business?

I love bringing a fresh perspective and having the freedom and responsibility to create, test, and improve our product’s user experience. As a UX designer, creating mock-ups is often quicker and easier than building something by developers. Hence, I can be an effective failure tester before developing new products or features. Additionally, when collaborating with product owners and developers on the feature discovery process, I ensure our problems and solutions are always user-centric.

How would you describe the culture at DigitalRoute? And what do you appreciate the most about it?

We have a great company culture at DigitalRoute. We are encouraged to be fearless towards problems. We can solve problems however we see fit rather than following guidelines. We always go with the tried-and-tested way to solve a problem that takes all the learning and experimentation out of the process. In addition to professional growth, I highly appreciate DigitalRoute’s concern for our personal growth. We are encouraged to take courses or conferences that can enhance our skills.

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