DigitalRoute Deployed for OSS Mediation with Tier-1 Service Provider in the Americas

April 24, 2018 | by Rene Strömberg

DigitalRoute, the leading provider of Data Integration solutions globally has announced that a leading Tier-1 Telco group in Latin America is deploying OSS Mediation.

OSS Mediation was launched two years ago anticipating a market need to harness operational data for service assurance purposes, and the latest deployment represents the second Tier-1 carrier group to have taken up the technology in 2017. The technology plays a critical role collecting, correlating and processing information from both Operational and Business sources (OSS and BSS as well as policy information).

Telcos are being driven to introduce new processes and management tools in order to deliver innovative network services in an effective and profitable way. At the same time they find themselves needing to integrate and manage an increasingly broad range of next generation network elements. Consequently, OSS Mediation is rapidly becoming a vital infrastructure function.

The operator deploying the technology in the Americas is presently undergoing transformation towards a 5G network, network virtualization, IoT and other operational changes. These have resulted in its existing infrastructure lacking the ability to manage ever-growing data volumes being generated by thousands of network elements, many new.

DigitalRoute’s OSS Mediation solution was selected to solve this problem and put the operator back in control of its data, thanks to the technology’s flexibility, high performance and best of breed functionality, breaking traditional operational siloes by supporting a horizontal mediation approach (or strategy). DigitalRoute’s expertise in Master Data Management led to its selection over best-of-suite alternatives.

Andreas Zartmann, CEO, DigitalRoute added: “I am very proud and delighted to welcome another market-leading Tier-1 group to the DigitalRoute family, and to expand our footprint in Latin America.  This deployment underlines the rapid pace with which the market is responding to OSS Mediation and DigitalRoute unquestionable position as the experts in the field.  As a result, we look forward to a very exciting future.”

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