Introducing Usage Metering by DigitalRoute
October 12, 2023

Introducing Usage Metering by DigitalRoute

The most capable metering solution now available to enterprises with usage-based or hybrid business models.

Stockholm, Sweden — October 12, 2023

The industry’s most capable Usage Metering solution – the new standard for running a subscription business – is now available to any enterprise looking at launching usage-based or hybrid (subscription + usage) business models. It is unique in its ability to automate the complete processing of usage data, from collection to processing to metering. 

Usage-based pricing is a foundational requirement for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies but also to more traditional industries innovating with Anything as a Service (XaaS). 

Usage Metering by DigitalRoute enables enterprise to 

  • Have the flexibility and speed to design and run any pricing model
  • Charge on real-time and/or pre-paid consumption bundles (e.g. usage, flat rate, tiers, true-ups, discounts)
  • Do real-time entitlement enforcement of their subscription limits 

The benefits of DigitalRoute Usage Metering 

It enables the launch, scaling and optimization of usage-based models with existing billing systems and eliminates risk and cost of taking on a billing transformation. It is easy to integrate with standard billing APIs. 

Its intuitive user interface empowers business users, while reducing engineering dependency allowing the agility and speed needed in today’s business. 

It comes with a foundational usage data management platform (mediation), removing the need for 3rd party data integration. APIs are available to effortlessly connect with any system to capture and manage the data.  

How can we confidently claim this is the most capable solution 

  • Battle tested and used by the most successful companies in their categories like SAP, Adobe, Microsoft, Dish 
  • Plugs in to your existing quote to cash system and leverages your existing system 
  • Can manage any business rule and pricing requirement
  • Handles any form of data, and scales efficiently with the growth of your business 
  • No need for additional integration tools (e.g., iPaaS or ETL) to access and process usage data for metering 

    “We are excited about making our software and specifically Usage Metering available to any business, in any stage of their subscription journey. Our software, which we believe is the most capable in the market, has previously only been available for the largest and most complex enterprises. Today, we can offer it to any business wanting to either embark on their subscription journey or wanting to eveolve their subscription business with usage-based offering and pricing,” says Andreas Zartmann, CEO, DigitalRoute.

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    About DigitalRoute

    Founded in 2000, DigitalRoute boasts over two decades of collaboration with telecoms and diverse enterprise sectors to provide a deep understanding of the usage of products and services. Typically, these companies have subscription-based software, IT, telecommunications, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and logistics offerings. DigitalRoute applies to any company with products or services that generate data when utilized. We collect, aggregate, enrich, and distribute this usage data, optimizing every aspect of a business, from revenues and billing to customer satisfaction and product management. Learn more at


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