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Press Release

DigitalRoute Deployed for OSS Mediation with Tier-1 Service Provider in the Americas

September 1, 2018
    by Renée Strömberg

    NEWCON and DigitalRoute offer OSS/BSS Integration Layer Based on MediationZone Technology

    DigitalRoute, the leading provider of data integration solutions globally and NEWCON, a new kind of management and IT consultancy, have jointly announced the expansion of their already long-running and successful partnership through the immediate availability of NEWCON’s OSS/BSS Integration Layer™.

    The NEWCON OSS/BSS Integration Layer™ is a highly flexible, modular designed product consisting of a core layer and plugged-in product extensions. The products are further extended by a toolset supporting the implementation and operation phase like an Intuitive User Interface (Full Control+), a Testing Framework, an Audit and Control Module and several additional features. Examples of Product Extensions, which stretch across the OSS and BSS Domains, include: Online Charging, Service Provisioning, Interconnect- and Wholesale- Rating & Billing Platform and Performance Management.

    As the name ‘Integration Layer’ already indicates, a wide range of telecommunication standard interfaces are natively supported. This covers standard protocols such as Radius, Diameter and Web Services as well as predefined libraries to various system vendors’ products (i.e. NSN, Huawei, Alcatel) Database Connectors and several others.

    NEWCON, which has led the deployment of DigitalRoute’s MediationZone Billing Mediation product at a number of leading European Telcos, including some of the continent’s largest Tier-1 operators over recent years, has deep experience in leveraging data integration technology. This offers considerable benefits to its customers. Presently, the new OSS/BSS Integration Layer is in the process of being used to integrate and manage usage records within the monetization stream by a central European Operator.

    Said Gerald Haidl, Founder & CEO, NEWCON: “Our work with DigitalRoute over a number of years has delivered documented value to telcos in areas such as monetization, policy, Customer Experience Management and performance optimization. With the immediate availability of the OSS/BSS Integration Layer, CSPs now have access to a solution that addresses a number of critical challenges in areas such as churn reduction, network management and Customer Experience that can be quickly and easily deployed to make significant improvements to the bottom line. It also enables telcos to gain more value from their data.”

    Added Johan Bergh, CEO, DigitalRoute: “I am delighted to see our important partnership with NEWCON gain new momentum and to enhance our joint ability to better serve the needs of the telco community. These are changing times in the industry as carriers transition from being CSPs to DSPs. This is a shift that highlights the growing importance of how data is captured and used within the business. Together, DigitalRoute and NEWCON are addressing a key strategic need.”


    About DigitalRoute

    DigitalRoute has been providing new approaches to data integration and management since 1999. Its technology offers high throughput and provides a unique degree of user configurability, processing all usage and statistical data extracted from the networks, including both billable and non-billable events. This means customers gain greater cost efficiencies, improved times-to-market for new service offerings, the ability to monetize any data, and the means to enhance end-customer satisfaction. DigitalRoute makes network events available to the right systems in the right formats in the most appropriate volumes at the required times, without losing a single bit. This is the foundation from which multiple, mission-critical use-cases can be addressed in the areas of Billing Mediation, OSS Mediation, Online Control and Enterprise Data Processing.

    Over 350 leading companies worldwide use DigitalRoute technology to meet their data management needs, including a number of OEM partners who use our platform as a central part of their own offerings. DigitalRoute is built on the core values of Expertise, Open-Mindedness and Commitment. With close to 200 employees, the company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with regional offices in Gothenburg, Atlanta and Kuala Lumpur. DigitalRoute is a venture-backed, privately-held company.