How do you evolve your IT stack and ecosystem to become a digitally agile B2B partner?
Listen to the on-demand webinar with Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst at TM Forum, as we discuss the opportunities and how CSPs should evolve.

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Many CSPs recognize that the opportunity for strong revenue growth lies in providing new services to enterprises. Find out what type of verticals CSPs believe offer the best growth opportunities, based on TM Forum research, and how CSPs need to evolve their IT stacks and ecosystems to become a digitally agile B2B partner.

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Patrik Bruce, Lead Product Manager, DigitalRoute

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Why should you watch the webinar?
The big picture
Learn which verticals are set to provide the greatest opportunity for CSPs, based on TM Forum’s research.
IT capabilities
Hear how CSPs are evolving their IT capabilities to improve their prospects in the next two to three years.
Vertical analysis
We look at typical uses cases for each vertical and examine the services and technologies required by CSPs.
Strategies for revenue
Understand the transformational steps all telcos can make to further their cause, whatever their size or shape.
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