"DigitalRoute enables your Digital Transformation by delivering
the Right Data to the Right Place at the Right Time”


Billing Mediation

Billing Mediation from DigitalRoute provides industry-leading data normalization across systems and the optimization of data streams in real-time and batch modes. With a unique degree of configurability and easy integration with a large number of data sources it supports the bridging of siloed IT infrastructures and transitions to new network technologies. 


Extended with Usage Management, DigitalRoute’s Billing Mediation helps CSPs to quickly deploy innovative services and to communicate new offerings.

Virtualization, Digitalization and Big Data

Everybody's talking about three trends dominating the telco landscape: Virtualization, Digitalization and Big Data.  Analytics, Billing, CRM, Cloud deployments and other areas may dominate the conversation but what do they have in common? They’re only as productive and cost-effective as the quality of the data they receive. 
Learn more on these trends and how DigitalRoute technology can help you leverage them in this video


Solution Overview


DigitalRoute’s Billing Mediation collects data from multiple sources, normalizes its format and then passes the output on to another destination, up- or downstream, in the telco domain such as billing. It cost effectively scales to handle the growing volume of real-time transactions, supports both batch and real-time processing in the same system, delivers transaction security and can handle the transition to new network technologies both on network and IT side.

Billing Mediation from DigitalRoute gives you access to:



Unique configurability and flexibility
Reduce cost and complexity of strategic transformation projects


Cost reduction
Reduce downstream data volumes and thereby cost per transaction


Enables independence via configurable workflows and agents


Future proofing
A highly scalable architecture keeps pace with data growth.


Removes complexity via a single, convergent layer


NFV readiness
Streamline operations with deployments in a cloud and open interfaces for automation of processes

Billing Mediation product extension:

Billing Mediation - Usage Management - UM-logo.png

Usage Management with Billing Mediation

The Usage Management extension to Billing Mediation provides a smart data management solution for the entire BSS domain and beyond. It makes possible rapid business model innovation and supports deploying new services with a minimal impact on other systems. Since it is based on existing mediation technology, Usage Management can be introduced without costly changes in legacy interfaces and designs.



DigitalRoute Technology delivers



Easy configuration enables rapid response to new business opportunities.



Turning Big Data into Smart Data reduces the burden across legacy IT systems.



Unrivalled performance in real-time, high-volume scenarios means coping with challenging IT requirements.



Quick optimization of existing IT stacks via one horizontal data management layer saves costs while improving performance.