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Here are some answers to common questions about the Usage Data Platform.

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What is the Usage Data Platform?

The Usage Data platform is software that was originally designed to enable telecoms to bill customers based on usage. Today it is also used by enterprises to enable usage-based billing, consolidate financial systems, and automate quote-to-cash processes. The platform collects usage data from multiple sources, processes that data according to rules, binds the data to a user ID, then creates a clear recording for billing.

What applications and tools does the Usage Data Platform integrate with?

The Usage Data Platform integrates with and collects data from more than 200 technologies, with new technology being added all the time.

Which sources can the Usage Data Platform collect data from?

The Usage Data Platform can collect data from any source. This includes online and offline systems, CRM, ERP and CPQ software, IoT devices, and more.

Is the Usage Data Platform a billing system?

No, the Usage Data Platform is not a billing system. Instead, it acts as a revenue-grade usage data layer within billing systems and complex environments.

What’s the difference between the Usage Data Platform and MediationZone?

The Usage Data Platform comes in two versions: MediationZone and UDP as a Service. MediationZone is for large enterprises with high data volumes and complex ecosystems, while UDP as a Service is for medium-sized enterprises and business units within large enterprises.

What is SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute?

SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute is the name of the Usage Data Platform when it is deployed in SAP solutions.

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DigitalRoute has been helping companies implement usage-based business models for 20 years. Starting in the telecom industry, our software is now used by companies in every industry, on every continent.