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When you get full control of the data about how your customers use your services, it can quite literally change the way you do business – everything from your billing processes to your entire business model.

Forrester explored how we help five of our customers automatically and accurately process this “usage data” in a report we commissioned (you can read the whole thing here).

We’ve consolidated the highlights of the report into some transformation snapshots below. Keep reading to find out how usage data impacts four key areas: value, accuracy, speed and support.

Let’s go.

What is usage data?


Usage data refers to any data about how a product or service is used. Think of it like an event log that includes information on who used what, when, where and how much. It could be the amount of WiFi data used, the number of hours cloud-based software was used, or which

shows were streamed on a media platform. Usage data has the potential to revolutionize how you monetize your offering and deliver value to customers. Processing usage data accurately and in real time is tricky, but that’s exactly what our software does.

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