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Data for subscriptions podcast - Episode #17

Two-Wheel Convenience: How MIOO Is Empowering Green Mobility


Tomas Grönqvist

Tomas Grönqvist
CEO & Founder, MIOO

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Episode description

Two-Wheel Convenience: How MIOO Is Empowering Green Mobility

Tomas Grönqvist, co-founder of MIOO, shares his journey from professional cycling to launching MIOO’s innovative cycling services in Sweden. He addresses the challenges in traditional bike shops by offering subscription-based solutions, including on-demand maintenance, anti-theft protection, and gamified features to promote cycling. Challenges involve building customer trust and enhancing daily-use features. With a current focus on the Swedish market, MIOO plans global expansion, patiently awaiting optimal conditions for significant growth.


Can you explain a little bit more what gap there is in the market that you want to fill?

What we are seeing is that buying a bicycle online is (increasingly) growing every year. And you cannot physically fix your bike through the internet, right? So you need partners to build up the infrastructure for aftermarket end-service. Today, you go to a traditional bike shop where they sell bikes and do bike services, but the competition from eCommerce is creating a challenge for the bike shop owners. We have created a subscription model where you are always first in line to get support from us, and we also include the insurance in case your bike gets stolen.

What would you say are the main challenges that you’ve experienced so far?

Our subscription is not used on a daily basis. If we take a company like Spotify or Netflix, which are used every day, we are more kind of an insurance (company) where you use our services once or a few times a year when something happens. And that’s the thing that we’re working on – to attract (customers) and build more relevant services for people to use on a daily basis.