December 22, 2020

DigitalRoute opens Japan office to support growing demand for usage-based services 

TOKYO, Japan, December 22, 2020 — DigitalRoute has announced the opening of its first office in Japan to help businesses meet the growing demand for usage-based services. As Japanese consumers and companies increasingly use subscription services, there is a great growth opportunity for Japanese businesses that can move from product sales to usage-based revenue. 

As the worlds third-largest economic country, Japan has a very mature market led by global brands, particularly in the manufacturing industry with companies like Toyota, Sony and Hitachi, says Mauro Carobene, Chief Revenue Officer at DigitalRoute. “The main business model in Japan is still selling products instead of services, but today people and companies increasingly only want to pay for what they use. It’s a better deal for them, and a more sustainable model in the long run. Companies that can meet this demand will have a big advantage. 

DigitalRoute has been enabling usage-based business models for more than 20 years across industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, hi-tech, transportation and logistics. DigitalRoute’s Usage Data Platform is the only platform purpose-built to track and orchestrate the complex data about how consumers and companies use services. This enables businesses to rapidly adopt new business models, deploy new usage-based services, and accurately bill for these services. 

DigitalRoute has been selected as a partner by leading software vendors in the quote-to-cash space, such as SAP, Salesforce and Netcracker, and has close partnerships with global system integrators, such as NEC, Accenture and Deloitte.  

We’re very excited about working with our partners to transform businesses in Japan, including helping communications service providers monetize 5G,” says Randy Mizogami, Head of DigitalRoute Japan. “Our new Japan office adds to our company’s growing presence in the APAC region, with offices in Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and around the world. 

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About DigitalRoute
DigitalRoute has the only platform that is purpose built to convert raw usage data into billable items. This enables companies to capitalize on the growing wave of usage-based business models. More than 400 companies rely on our platform for usage-based monetization, quote-to-cash automation, finance system consolidation and telecom mediation. We deliver extreme precision in the most complex environments in the world. We’re the new standard for usage-based revenue.

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