Global FinTech Company Uses DigitalRoute to Deliver Analytics-as-a-Service

September 23, 2019 | by Ben Jolley

DigitalRoute, the leader of usage driven business model innovation, today announced that ALDC Partnership, a FinTech leader in business sustainability strategy, has chosen DigitalRoute’s Usage Data Platform (UDP) to build its INNORBIS business analytics engine helping the financial sector to make better investments and sustainability based decisions.

“We needed to move to a digital and more agile approach to package and sell integrated sustainability analytics as a service with core in automation, speed and quality assurance. With DigitalRoute we can now transform critical data into impactful business decisions that create sustainability outcomes,” said Angelica Lips da Cruz, CEO and founder of ALDC Partnership and INNORBIS. “DigitalRoute delivers a powerful platform that scales with our needs. We are thrilled to be the first FinTech Company to leverage this technology.”

The implementation of DigitalRoute’s cloud-native Usage Data Platform (UDP) allows INNORBIS to automate the process of collecting data from an enormous amount of sources and formats. This data is then correlated, aggregated and processed into one powerful data set that we bind to one identity (e.g. company or country) for advanced forward looking analysis and scientific comparison. With greater access to the data, INNORBIS can measure the data against significantly more key performance indicators (KPIs) to create better quality results that deliver objective sustainability performance measures no matter the size of business. The result is INNORBIS can now provide this business analytics as a service based on usage.

“This is a great win as it demonstrates our market growth into new important verticals like FinTech,” said Andreas Zartmann, CEO of DigitalRoute. “ALDC Partnership is a foundational organization helping take business intelligence to a new level through sustainability analytics. We are excited to take the complexity out of the equation by collecting the usage data and delivering a single source so ALDC with its engine INNORBIS can enable customers to make better decisions.”

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DigitalRoute provides a Usage Data Platform helping enterprises, of any size across industries, capitalize on the growing wave of consumption-based commerce and stop revenue leakage. DigitalRoute has been the market leader in this space, historically called billing mediation, for nearly 20 years. More than 400 leading companies worldwide use DigitalRoute Usage Data Platform to provide complex usage-based business models. Our customers trust our technology to operate in the critical area of monetization.

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ALDC Partnership’s mission is to reallocate the traditional capital markets towards ESG (environment, social and governance) investments, mapping towards 17 SDGs indicators for high leverage and big impact in the world. Its INNORBIS solution is a forward looking analytical tool that allows users the ability to visualise the transformation towards being a responsible and purpose driven business, rewarding true leaders in the market that are impacting our future together in the different sectors and regions.

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