LG U+ Selects DigitalRoute for Billing Mediation 

LG U+, a total telecommunication service provider formed by the merger of three companies, LG Telecom, LG Dacom and LG Powercom in Korea, has selected DigitalRoute, the leading provider of data integration solutions globally, to replace the mediation components of its BSS infrastructure.

In the process, LG U+ will leverage DigitalRoute’s unique Usage Management extension. The Korean company expects to both reduce its IT operating costs and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its BSS by leveraging the functional advantages delivered by DigitalRoute’s highly flexible technology.

LG U+’s decision to upgrade its legacy mediation was driven in part by its need to address the real-time rating challenges that are provided by DigitalRoute’s Usage Management functionality. In addition, the company planned a wider BSS transformation which would simultaneously both enhance the performance of and reduce TCO in its legacy stack.  Mediation is widely recognised as the starting point in a drive towards a leaner, open source BSS.

The initial phase of the LG U+ project will see DigitalRoute replace all legacy mediation assets at LG U+ and implement Usage Management for Bill Shock prevention and real-time Quality of Service control.  The second phase of the project, due to commence next year, will include online mediation and the replacement of LG U+’s fixed-line systems.

DigitalRoute’s MediationZone technology, which was selected after a review of a number of alternative approaches, is already the standard for mediation within Korea.  LG U+ was quickly able to conclude after a Proof of Concept that its Usage Management offering would add value and meet the company’s specific aim of achieving a “lean rating” approach.

To deliver the LG U+ solution, DigitalRoute partnered with Forelink, an in-region professional company dedicated to software development and Information Technology services and LG CNS, a subsidiary of LG Corporation that provides IT services.

Commented Cho Joon-soon, CIO, LG U+, “LG U+ selected DigitalRoute for its outstanding mediation products and unique usage management extension. With DigitalRoute’s innovative approach, we will confidently offer significant cost benefits to customers and reinvent new business.”

Added Johan Bergh, CEO, DigitalRoute, “we are delighted to add LG U+ to the DigitalRoute customer family and also to extend our footprint in the APAC region, a geography in which we are now making rapid advances. The value that MediationZone brings to Communications Service Providers is, as LG U+ have identified, the foundation of important IT transformation projects, and its impact on both costs and performance is considerable.”

July 19, 2017 | by Rene Strömberg

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