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DRX, a Usage
Data Platform
by DigitalRoute

DigitalRoute is the industry leader in harnessing Usage Data to grow revenues and simplify Business Models Innovation. We have been providing these capabilities for nearly two decades in some of the largest, most complex environments in the world.

The process transforming raw usage data into usage information is complex. Fundamentally, it’s about taking data from any input—events, streams, batch, database—and converting it into a straightforward transaction for business systems. That includes converting usage data into a chargeable item, but the process extends beyond that.

DRX, our Usage Data Platform manipulates and transforms usage data so it can be used by a range of business systems—marketing, big data, business analytics. And before those outputs, the Usage Data Platform interfaces with many other operational and business systems, at several points in the data flow. This is not a simple one-to-one data flow; it requires complex one-to-many and many-to-one flows. Many discrete steps and transformations are involved in converting raw usage data into something that business systems can actually use.

Convert Raw Data Into Usable Information

Usage-based business models must function as a continuous loop, pulling data from multiple sources, correlating it and adding to it to guide how the service is handled at specific points in time. This degree of complex data collection and processing is well beyond what standard billing platforms can provide. It is, however, exactly what DRX is built to deliver.

Normalization: DRX collects data in a variety of formats, over many different protocols, and transforms it into a common structure that can be understood and used by other components of the platform.

Data Quality: Here, the platform identifies gaps or errors in usage data and performs error correction—including interfacing with external systems to fill in missing information.

Aggregation & Correlation: All the relevant data is brought together, often across diverse sources and formats, to create an accurate picture of usage for business and revenue systems. This is a critical step in the data journey for enabling bundled services, split billing, settlement with multiple partners and other complex usage-based models.

Usage Binding: Here, DRX links session data to the correct user or asset. This can include interfacing with multiple external systems, especially for business models where the end-user/asset and billable party are different. (For example, think of tracking the behavior of multiple employees but associating them with a single billable employer.)

Business Logic: DRX pushes out the final product to business systems—in the case of revenue systems, an accurate chargeable item. Here, it converts the data into whatever format and protocol those business systems require. The platform can even push data out to multiple business systems in multiple formats simultaneously.

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Across multiple industries, world-wide, companies trust DigitalRoute to help them implement new usage-based business models and secure revenues. DigitalRoute powers:


To correlate and aggregate usage-centric data, and bind it to specific fine-grain actions in real time. Resulting in new business models.


With the ability to collect data of any type, from any location.


Removal of error prone manual processes to streamline usage data monetization.


Strong focus on revenue leakage prevention, industry-leading data quality, and comprehensive audit capabilities


To scale up massive amounts of data processing in real-time.

Scalable Architecture and Flexible Deployment Options

DRX is built to support businesses of any size, both today and in the future. You can implement all the business logic and control in one place and then scale out execution in a robust, clustered manner. Adding capacity is as simple as adding servers—and you can scale elastically when deployed in the cloud.

DigitalRoute also gives you total deployment flexibility. Choose from public or private cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment models. The platform’s microservices-based architecture handles the scheduling and tuning to massively scale, while maintaining a small footprint for execution.