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Usage Data Platform

We are the industry leaders in binding usage data to power Consumption Based Commerce.

The technology behind Consumption Based Commerce may sound like a radical departure from current data and payment systems. But one industry has been using this model for years: Telecom.

Since the early days of mobile networks, operators have needed to monitor everything happening in their environments, associate specific behaviour (calls, texts, apps) with individual customers, and accurately bill for what they use.

In the telco world, it’s called “subscriber billing and mediation.” And DigitalRoute has been the market leader in this space for nearly 20 years. We meet demanding requirements for speed, accuracy, and scale in some of the largest, most complex environments in the world.

Today, we’re bringing the same real-time intelligence to enterprises in:

Telecom & Media


Travel, Transport & Logistics


Public Service

Financial Insurance Group

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Digital enterprises understand that insights gained through usage data fuels disruption. They know that if they’re not working to bring customers more tailored and flexible offerings, competitors surely are. Most already collect and analyze vast amounts of usage data. But turning those insights into intelligent action—within milliseconds, at scale—is a different problem entirely.

Some try to extend traditional analytics tools to this purpose. But while they may perform one type of analysis and action well, they’re limited—if not unusable—when correlating many types of data from disparate sources and locations.

Some organizations, turn to open-source tools or custom software projects. But after spending huge amounts of time and resources building a solution, they often find themselves locked into a single use case that can’t adapt or scale as the market changes.

We understand what it takes to deliver real-time analysis & action at scale, we’ve been doing it for years. DigitalRoute provides:


To correlate and aggregate usage-centric data, and bind it to specific fine-grain actions in real time. Resulting in new business models


With the ability to collect data of any type, from any location.


Strong focus on revenue leakage prevention, industry-leading data quality, and comprehensive audit capabilities


To scale up massive amounts of data processing in real-time.

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