Usage data management for SaaS companies

SaaS companies often struggle to manage data about how their services are used, which prevents timely billing and the launch of new services. Get control of your usage data with DigitalRoute.

Solving SaaS usage data challenges

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Better integration, full automation

Legacy integration systems and manual processes slow down your usage data processing and business innovation. DigitalRoute Usage Engine integrates with your business systems and automates processes for optimal performance.

Built-in error correction

With DigitalRoute’s built-in auditing, validation and error-correction capabilities, you can prevent revenue leakage and protect your systems from dirty data. Your customers get accurate bills, and you can grow your revenue faster.

Flexibility to launch new services

DigitalRoute gives you the data granularity needed to launch SaaS usage-based pricing based on any number of price plans or business rules. Regardless of the volume of data or number of data sources, our software can handle it.

SaaS use cases

Financial SaaS company benefits from automated data processing
WealthCanyon delivers valuable information and insights to their clients every day through their SaaS platform. To do that they need to process a massive amount of data, however, translating the data into a monthly bill was a critical challenge.

Software as a Service

CRM vendor introduces usage-based pricing

How do we help SaaS companies shift to usage-based pricing? In our PeppaCRM use case, based on our work with companies around the world, we show how a CRM vendor uses our software to offer new services based on usage.

Software-as-a-service trends

The rise of SaaS usage-based pricing – and why you need it

As the SaaS market continues to grow, SaaS vendors face increased competition and must find better ways to increase revenue, attract and retain customers, and demonstrate their value. Here are 3 reasons why usage-based pricing for SaaS is the answer.

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SaaS pricing in uncertain times – 4 things to consider

With record inflation and rising labor costs, many SaaS vendors are raising prices for their services. Yet with an economic downturn looming, enterprise IT departments want to make their SaaS spend more efficient. Here are 4 things SaaS vendors need to consider when evaluating their pricing strategy.

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SaaS companies and usage-based pricing: The perfect match

SaaS companies once relied on flat-rate subscriptions, but they’re quickly turning to usage-based pricing. Here are 5 SaaS companies doing usage right.

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Data is the key to transformation

When you get full control of usage data

When SaaS companies can collect and process all the data about how customers use their services, this leads to improvements across the business. They get insights into how customers use their products and services. They become more competitive and can grow faster. And they can provide better customer experiences and reduce churn.

What’s stopping SaaS companies

Although there are many benefits to usage-based pricing, processing usage data is tricky. Usage data resides in a wide range of disparate data sources, and it needs to be collected and processed in real-time. And if you process any of that data incorrectly, or lose it in hand-offs between systems, you lose revenue.

How we improve your SaaS business

Usage data accuracy

Eliminate manually intensive billing processes and error-prone spreadsheets, while simultaneously improving the customer experience and reducing churn.

Business intelligence

Get historical and real-time usage data for your business intelligence systems, helping you identify new revenue opportunities based on customer behavior.


Ensure you can automatically scale your usage data processing as the number of subscribers and level of business complexity increases.

Optimizing processes

Operate with greater efficiency across your order-to-cash processes, which increases your ability to meet new customer demand.

Unifying systems

Automatically manage high data volumes from different sources, breaking down internal siloes and increasing your organization’s efficiency.

How DigitalRoute can help

Experts in usage-based SaaS models 

For over 20 years, DigitalRoute has been helping companies process data for usage-based business models. We helped some of the earliest software-as-a-service companies achieve record-breaking growth, and today we work with industry leaders offering innovative cloud-based services. Learn more about our customers and partners, such as SAP and AWS.


Purpose-built technology 

Our Usage by DigitalRoute portfolio of products is purpose-built to solve the data challenges of usage-based services. Our software can collect any type of data, from any type of system, and turn it into a clean usage data record for your business systems in real time. It also enables you to control how your services are used – so you can limit services or offer upsells at the right time.

Learn about our solutions

Want record-breaking growth?

Usage data has powered companies like Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb to eye-popping growth rates.

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