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The growing demand for
as-a-service options

Companies increasingly want to pay for how they use a service, instead of owning a product. A recent Deloitte report, for example, found that 75% of organizations surveyed already run more than half of their enterprise IT as-a-service. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s time to seriously consider the advantages of the XaaS model.

Why do customers like the XaaS model? As-a-service options give them greater flexibility and agility in their operations. They can scale up or down as needed, save costs, and try out new services with less risk. Offering anything as a service also has many benefits for XaaS providers – these models make it easier to acquire new customers and build stronger relationships with them based on their consumption.

IT is the most well-known industry for XaaS business models. The global SaaS market, for example, had an estimated value of nearly $144 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach $720 billion by 2028.

Other industries are taking notice of the rapid growth of XaaS, such as Volvo offering vehicles as a service, and HP offering devices as a service. Dutch Railways even offers mobility as a service, where customers can book a trip across multiple forms of transportation on a single ticket.

XaaS offerings across

Overcoming the data
challenges in XaaS

For any XaaS business model, you need to have full control of the data that tells you how customers are using your services. This usage data tells you how much to bill customers and gives you insights to improve customer experiences. The tricky part is that this data often comes from many different types of devices and systems, and in different formats, and it needs to be processed in real time.

At DigitalRoute, we’ve been helping customers process usage data for over 20 years, including some of the earliest pioneers offering software as a service. Our Usage Engine collects usage data from any source, in any format, and processes that data into a clean record for billing and business systems. Our unique software helps you to improve your billing efficiency, enhance customer experiences and prevent revenue leakage

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as a service (XaaS)

Deloitte’s second Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) Study shows that enterprise use of IT-as-a-service is increasing, helping organizations quickly scale IT usage and costs up or down as needed. But for XaaS providers to succeed, they must work more closely with their customers and fully understand how customers use their services.

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