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Verify your customers can access only the services they are entitled to

Failure to track and enforce entitlements can lead to revenue leakage and missed upsell opportunities.


When customers use your services, you need to know when usage limits are reached. 


DigitalRoute keeps track of all entitlement agreements and real-time customer usage. 


Customers get real-time updates about usage, and you offer upsells at the right time. 


Tracking usage and limits

Selling services based on how they are used requires that you can track actual usage in real time, compare the usage to agreements, and take actions if limits are exceeded. This is a complex process that most business systems can’t manage, which means companies lose revenue due to uncharged overuse, and miss opportunities for upsells.

In a B2B scenario, license limits and entitlements – the usage the customer is entitled to – are often written down in contracts and are not available in a digital format. This means that sales teams have zero visibility into whether customers are within their limits, or if they are exceeding them and should be moved to a higher tier for an additional cost. Verifying these limits becomes a manual task, requiring customer outreach and a high level of trust between vendor and customer.


Real-time entitlement tracking

DigitalRoute solves this by automating your entitlement tracking and enforcement in real time. Our solution captures and processes all usage data, then it compares the usage to agreements and license limits. This enables you to either deny usage or offer an upsell, such as to another tier.

The solution is an ideal fit for companies with a tier-based, license-based pricing model. It also enables real-time business models like prepaid, where customers pay for the service in advance, such as mobile telephony, public transportation, electric vehicle charging, or the number of people allowed to use your software.


Increased revenue and better service 

By tracking and enforcing entitlements in real time, you can provide better customer service. Your customers can check their usage in real time (no bill shock), and you can offer them an upsell in real time just before they reach their usage limits (“would you like to purchase more?”).  

Your sales teams and customer representatives also won’t leave revenue on the table when customers exceed their limits. The automated process avoids a lot of manual outreach and negotiations work. You can also offer services to reach new customer segments where prepayment is important, such as young people with no credit history or high-risk users and markets. 

8 ways to benefit from your usage data

Our software is purpose-built for complex environments where managing scale is critical. This is where our customers and partners discover our greatest value.

Revenue accuracy

– secured

Grow your revenue by eliminating leakage 

User experiences

– tailored

Accelerate growth by upselling and improving customer experiences

Business model

– innovated 

Switch to a subscription and consumption-based business model 

Service consumption

– leveraged 

Verify your customers can access only the services they are entitled to

Partner settlements

– streamlined 

Ensure accurate revenue allocation to internal and external partners 

Billing efficiency

– delivered 

Simplify billing by consolidating data from diverse financial systems

5G services

– monetized 

Generate new revenues from B2B and B2B2X service innovation

Network data

– controlled

CSPs can decouple the network from BSS/OSS stacks so they can take control of network data.