Generate new revenues from B2B and B2B2X service innovation

The advances of 5G will spark an evolution in business models, including new partnerships and services.


Companies will need to measure usage and make settlements across new ecosystems.


Our solution enables you orchestrate data for any service, industry or financial system.


You can launch new 5G services faster and ensure accurate partner settlements.


Processing data in complex ecosystems

5G enables use cases that go far beyond selling connectivity in a B2C model. Communications service providers (CSPs) can offer services to companies based on much more granular usage-based metrics. For example, these metrics could include quality of service, performance, network exposure or the distance travelled by an automated vehicle.

Alternatively, CSPs and enterprise companies can partner to offer new services to third parties. In this B2B2X scenario, the third party can be a consumer or another business.

Every party in a B2B2X scenario wants the flexibility to design price models that make sense to them. The problem to solve in these scenarios is how you expose the relevant charging metrics to each party involved, and how the CSP enables them to incorporate this into a billing landscape of their choice. As these services and offerings develop over time, it will be crucial to have the agility in place to quickly enable partners with the right type and quality of usage data.


Cross-industry usage data expertise

DigitalRoute has 20 years’ experience in enabling usage-based business models at scale. Not only for CSPs, but across a wide variety of industries. We have a long history of collecting and processing any type of usage data from any source, at any volume, in batch or real-time.

DigitalRoute also addresses common shortcomings CSPs have for supporting B2B2X models, through an ability to expose any relevant charging information from the network to a third party. Through cross-industry experience and partnerships with the major cloud billers, we understand what is required to bring a usage-based billing component into the different types of IT landscapes used by CSPs and their partners.

Our usage engine also has built-in error-correction capabilities, and is fully auditable, making partner settlements accurate and transparent.


Ready for any 5G business model

Monetizing 5G-based services in a B2B2X model will require the agility to rapidly onboard new partners and provide them with the self-service and metrics necessary to create their own pricing models based on usage, relevant to their needs.

DigitalRoute has the blueprint, technology, flexibility and experience required to support evolving needs and enable a strong ecosystem of partners.

Today DigitalRoute is helping CSPs and some of the world’s most iconic brands turn usage data into revenue, in industries like software, manufacturing, entertainment, travel and transportation. Our robust, proven platform is ready for any 5G business model.

Industry highlights

DigitalRoute’s software is used across industries, from telecommunications to transport. Usage data from these industries comes in many formats and from many different systems. We can handle all of them.

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Software as a service

As SaaS companies rapidly migrate from pure subscription to usage models, usage data is a key factor in their success. If you can control your usage data, you can turn it into revenue, grow faster and increase value.


Media and entertainment

Understand precisely how, when, and where your services are used so you can tailor experiences and bundle content to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Media and entertainment


Our industry-leading products are used by CSPs for billing mediation, charging, OSS mediation, policy and routing control. Learn how DigitalRoute can help you get ready for new opportunities in the cloud, 5G and private networks.


Our solutions for your business

Prevent revenue leakage


Grow your revenue by eliminating leakage. When you offer digital services, your revenue depends on accurate, automated data processing.

Revenue leakage

Topics covered:

  • Revenue
  • Digital services
  • Data processing
  • Charging
  • Billing
Tailor user experiences


Accelerate growth by upselling and improving customer experiences. With detailed insights on customer behavior, you can offer upsells at the right time and reduce churn.

Tailor user experiences

Topics covered:

  • Customer behavior
  • Business intelligence
  • Customer experience
  • Churn
  • Analytics
Create new business models


Switch to subscription and consumption-based business models. New business models help you grow revenue faster, but you must tackle the data challenges first.

Create new business models

Topics covered:

  • Subscriptions
  • Consumption
  • Data processing
  • Revenue
  • Customer experience
Understand service consumption


Verify your customers can access only the services they are entitled to. Failure to track and enforce entitlements can lead to revenue leakage and missed upsell opportunities.

Service consumption

Topics covered:

  • Customer usage
  • Entitlements
  • Revenue
  • Upselling
  • Customer service
Streamline partner settlements


Ensure accurate revenue allocation to internal and external partners. Get a faster, automated solution to allocating revenue to partners and internal organizations.

Partner settlements

Topics covered:

  • Revenue allocation
  • Settlements
  • Audit trail
  • Automation
  • Reconciliation
Improve billing efficiency


Simplify billing by consolidating data from diverse financial systems. Connect data from all of your financial systems to invoice faster and lower operational costs.

Billing efficiency

Topics covered:

  • Financial systems
  • Invoicing
  • Legacy systems
  • Silos
  • Cash flow
Monetize 5G services


Generate new revenues from B2B and B2B2X service innovation. The advances of 5G will spark an evolution in business models, including new partnerships and services.

5G monetization

Topics covered:

  • B2B and B2B2X
  • Data orchestration
  • Partner settlements
  • Charging metrics
  • Usage data
Take control of usage data


Communications service providers must manage 3GPP and non-3GPP data flows from multiple generations of networks into their operational systems, while also preparing for 5G business models. The solution? Decouple the network from BSS/OSS stacks to take control of your network data.

Usage data

Topics covered:

  • 3GPP data
  • 5G business models
  • Mediation
  • Charging

Powering businesses with real-time data 

Accurate, on-time usage data boosts every aspect of your business: finance, IT, operations and customer service. 

Making sense of data across industries 

From telecoms to transport, we’re in every industry where precise usage data records matter to the bottom line.

Want record-breaking growth?

Usage data has powered companies like Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb to eye-popping growth rates. Learn how to get the most out of yours.

The telco race for B2B revenue

Telcos are targeting B2B services as a major source of future revenue. Learn about the four types of players involved and why usage data is key.

Bringing partner applications to the edge with Google Cloud

DigitalRoute will provide its solution on Google Cloud to collect usage information from edge services and network elements and prepare it for billing, partner settlement or any other form of monetization.

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